Still itching…and Remedies

Day: 36+2

Yesterday we visited Dr. Gil, and we met a few other patients, one lady said she went past 42 weeks and the baby was over 10 lbs and she was glad that she followed Dr. Gil’s advice. Its encouraging to hear since we do not want to get induced! Afterward, we went to Lake Pine and took a walk, it’s 2 mile long and we did it in one hour! As a reward, we had dinner at Los Tres Magueyes for dinner, it was great, I ate most of the four enchiladas. We really loved Lake Pine, it’s nicer than Lake Johnson trail, cleaner and prettier.

My belly is getting so itchy, sometimes it’s so hard not to scratch, although Dr. Gil said it’s not good to do that, I have to learn and accept the itchiness and find ways to sooth it – maybe this will be a good exercise for pain management. He suggested that I can take a warm shower and then use cool water on the itching spots.  And the only skin care product he trusts is Aubrey Organics. Today we visited the OB, and Kim, the midwife at Triangle OBGYN we met once before, offered a remedy as well: Aveeno Soothing Bath, it’s made of oats and is safe. I can’t wait to try it. She said the itchiness on the belly is from belly stretching, which is pretty common in late pregnancy, but the redness on the side of my thighs look more like hives. So we will see if all these remedies work!

Babies are doing fine, we’ve scheduled the last ultrasound with Dr. Deigan next Tuesday. Just to check the healthy of the placenta and their growth, next week will be the 38th week, and we do not want them to be induced so it’s worthwhile, hopefully they are still head down like they were at 31st week. My blood pressure is 110/60 today, exactly like last week and Kim thinks my swelling is not bad at all, so everything checked out! Baby A (Li)’s heart rate is in the 130s, Baby B (Lin) is in the 140s.



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3 responses to “Still itching…and Remedies

  1. Kim

    You are doing so good and I am totally impressed!

  2. Michele

    Yes, I am IMPRESSED too! You are almost there!! Also, we use almond oil creme for itchy skin and Eucerin has a Calming Creme which we use over here.

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