Tatami Bedding for Co-sleeping

Day: 36+3

It was a hard learning experience, and a lot of work last night to get things set up, Michael moved around the beds in the house and set up the tatami mat (a pair that combine to a king size bed). Mom cleaned the surface with warm water, she and I put down the sheets. When we hit the bed, we realized it was tooo hard!!! My whole body was aching, so I moved to the couch then finally at 2:30am I moved into Mom’s bed. Michael pulled out some quilts and piled them up on the mat and slept through the rest of the night comfortably.

So this morning, I surfed on line and did some research, when we were in Japan, at the Ryokan, the maid (okami) actually put a shikibuton (futon for tatami mat) and quilts on top of it, it was really comfortable, to purchase the shikibuton (basically a filled soft mattress for tatami mat) costs close to $300. So Mom and I decided to take out all the quilts and blankets we have in the house, including Michael’s padded sleeping bag. After we put down 10 layers of padding (thin and thick ones), it was finally a comfy bed to sleep in. Glad we got the problem solved. Although a few more layers probably would make it even better.

Bonnie didn’t quite like all the changes around the house…she was checking out every room and the tatami mat, and walking around anxiously. She was never allowed in the bedroom until couple of weeks ago. Ever since I had her, she loved going underneath the bed. At my own apartment in Raleigh, she would come into bed at 5am and started playing with my moving toes and feet. I ended up closing the bedroom door and she dug up the carpet the next  3 nights and I had to seek for carpet repair service. When she was first found at 3-month old and taken home, she only stayed under the bed for everything – litter, food and sleep. It took a long time to make her feel comfortable (actually too comfortable now, she really thinks she has the right to do anything in the house) around us but her habit of going underneath the bed hasn’t changed. What’s more, she tore the lining of the box spring and made herself a womb-mimicking hammock – pretty smart (see picture), right?

So another big task out of the way, now we are even able to fit two Snuggle Nest in the bed if we want to. I just hope that I will be able to lose my belly weight soon after the birth because it is kind of difficult to get in and out of the tatami – rolling on my side, getting on all fours, squatting and getting up – although these are good exercises for delivery, that’s how I rationalize it!



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6 responses to “Tatami Bedding for Co-sleeping

  1. Kim

    Have you been feeling any Braxton-Hicks at all?

    • Yes since 20 something weeks, they usually last pretty long, I just drink a lot of water and lay down, but never really take it too seriously…I just kind of ignore it. The past week the contractions feel stronger but not more frequent. At this point, there’s no need to worry about pre-term labor, and I am sure I won’t miss the real labor 🙂

  2. Kim

    Yeah, no danger in missing the real thing 🙂 . I never felt anything until the day I went into labor, so I was wondering what your experience has been. They are good opportunities to practice relaxation techniques!

    Getting excited for you!

    • Thanks Kim! I am trying to identify any of the labor signs, I haven’t felt lightening, probably because I carry them so low (but that’s a good thing – have had great appetite), diarrhea, mucous plug, nesting urge…but none of those happened yet, I wonder if they will occur. Interesting that you did feel the contractions before labor, that’s what the body does to practise for the big day.

      I am very very curious as to how labor pain really feels, is it all over the body or part of the body? I have been feeling a lot of pressure down below and sometimes it even hurts a bit, when babies move, I can feel it that way as well. At least there’s a break in between strong contractions, right? I also heard that each women feel the contractions differently as well, and it varies from one pregnancy to another, for the same person also.

  3. Kim

    Yes, it is very individual! For me, it just felt like tightness down low for the first several hours and then it felt like my whole abdomen was being squeezed really hard. I can’t say it was every PAINful, but just really really strong!

    Make sure you write your story down soon after birth so you’ll remember everything. I can’t wait to read about it!

    • Okay, Michael will help me do that…we are trying to record it as well, even though I know the hospital doesn’t like it. I will ask him to record the timing because for women in labor, it must be hard to keep track of time, as a matter of fact, it’s better to turn off the intelligent brain and go into the primitive state. We are hoping that our experience will be close to what we desire.

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