Farmer’s Market

Day: 36+6

Its a hot day since very early in the morning, we arrived at Western Wake Farmer’s Market at 8am, our new handy camcorder arrived last night, Michael was excited to try it out already, we were glad that we got there early since people were lining up at Fickle Creek Farm’s stand already. This weekend they have chicken that we have been waiting for a long time. So we got bunch of whole chicken, and boneless breasts so we can stock them up! Preston met us there just to say hello since he missed the surprised party, it was so sweet of him to get up so early and just to catch up.

I feel really tired lately, and keep taking naps during the day. The babies are growing like crazy, and the itching makes it more difficult to sleep well at night. Mom has been massaging my feet couple of times a day, it greatly helps and I use the cold compress to combat the itching which is the best solution so far. The boys and I must all need the energy to grow and prepare for the birth – I told Michael I am like an energy star appliance, going to the sleep mode quite often. At 11am we went to the Chinese class, not too many people showed up today but Nora prepared so well (like always) and we, especially Mom, enjoyed the practice part a lot.

My ambitious plan of going to Putt Putt or Lake Pine didn’t work out today since it’s so hot and I felt really tired…Nora and Joe came over for dinner, and we laughed so hard watching MXC (the original Japanese wipe out show)!  Michael and I are both very impressed with our $150 Samsung HMX-U20 Ultra Compact Full HD camcorder, the quality is amazing, it’s so clear and so easy to use, it actually has a USB port built in and small like a cell phone, glad it arrived before the babies are here and we get to play with it. Check out the youtube video Michael made using the new camcorder.



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2 responses to “Farmer’s Market

  1. Nora

    Homemade meals are the best! Always good to squeeze in some visits with you guys before you go into labor, haha. Your mom is really sweet. Glad she got to enjoy the shows too.

    • We feel the same way – before we get tied up we try to go to all the restaurants, see friends as much as possible. Many people called and wondered if they are here already – John Rash said, have you freed the prisoners yet? I guess Lin and Li are still comfortable in my belly 🙂 Its great having you guys over, I laughed so hard the other night watching the show…

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