We made 37 weeks

Day: 37 weeks

Yes we made it! I can’t believe how stretchy my belly is now…Michael says it’s really tight, although I can still feel the boys moving a lot, which is great. Their movement gives me a sense of security. My belly is still very itchy but I learned to manage not to scratch it too much, Mom massage my feet twice a day now, which distracts me a bit and the cold compress really helps!

This morning Michael and I took Bonnie for a visit to Elissa’s house, it’s very nice that Elissa offered to take Bonnie, she’s got 2 cats and a dog already and just wanted to see how Bonnie does around the house. We put her in a carrier and the drive was only five minutes to Elissa’s house but she cried and cried until we got out of the car. One we got in the house, she immediatedly went under the chair and then the couch (she could barely fit underneath too), but she was curious enough to get out and check out the surroundings. We thought she did much better than we expected, Elissa’s house is on a beautiful piece of property and they have an in-ground pool and a garden, lots of places for Bonnie to explore, I think she will really enjoy living with them rather than being confined in an apartment.

The weather is so hot that I don’t feel like walking any more, Michael and I went shopping at Lowe’s and Whole Foods in the evening and we found the red light bulb for day/night training for the babies. I sleep pretty well at night, it’s just hard to get in and out of bed, but hopefully after the belly goes down all will be better.


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