The Home Stretch

Day: 37+1

I’m in the 38th week today! While being all excited and feeling fortunate (how many twin moms can go this far?), let me tell you, the home stretch is hard!!!

I woke up around 7:30am, the weight of my body is hard on the hip bone so I couldn’t sleep any more, provided getting 7 hour sleep towards the end of the pregnancy is pretty good. Every week I feel different, and the first day of week 38, the thought of having them out soon crossed my mind for the first time! I feel tremendous pressure and the babies are definitely weighing me down, around noon time, all of a sudden my belly felt really really tight, that was a first but there was no contraction at all. I guess the utero is preparing for the big job ahead…All day I was sleepy, so I took a nap in the morning and soon after lunch I took another one. The belly is still extremely itchy, I feel terrible scratching it but sometimes it’s unbearable, so I did take a shot of my poor belly – my goal of not having the stretch mark went out of the window quite a while ago even though we still use almond oil to massage the belly, we think the babies love it. The marks (from stretching and scratching) will all be worthwhile after they are born.

Michael is starting his Confucius Institute summer classes tonight and before he left, I really wanted to take a walk to be more comfortable, so we walked for half an hour and boy, that felt great! I came back and took an oats bath, and finally I was comfortable.



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3 responses to “The Home Stretch

  1. Kim

    Your poor belly 😦 I hope you find some relief soon!

  2. Just checking up on you after last week’s announcement about keeping you babies intact and all the other constructive things you’re doing. Congrats on achieving week 37! Way to hang in!

    Wondering if you have read Elizabeth Noble’s book on raising twins? EN is a physio, originally an Aussie but lives near Boston unless she’s moved to Panama, her retirement plan. Her husband Leo Sorger is a retired obstetrician who studied with midwives so is able to do all the ‘unusual’ birth positions, breech, twins, triplets, they are both darlings. EN has researched the whole multiple birth range of needs and solutions and is a delight to read – but you’ve probably already found her on the net.

    I wonder if you’ve heard of ‘The Farm’ in Tennessee. I’ve admired them for many years, read Spiritual Midwifery, Ina May Gaskin, head midwife started life as an MA in English so has the perfect training for articulating and continued studies in midwifery. I attended a workshop on the Farm last month, it was an amazing experience. The Farm midwives are known throughout the world, they have the best rates for healthy babies and mothers anywhere. If you haven’t already found their website and devoured it visually and spiritually you are in for another treat.

    I’m nearly finished something that feels like a multiple overdue pregnancy – the maternity version of my health tracking system – the original is CoOrdiMed, the current opus is
    CoOrdiMat – for pregnant mothers. An Apple consultant is preparing application software for iPhone/Pod/Pad – it’ll be on iTunes app store next month and later Blackberry. Your situation reminds me we should prepare it for multiples, so will be consulting with the developer tomorrow to add yet another tab for as many babies as it’s possible to have.
    That’ll be followed by CoOrdiBaby, which also will have a section for multiples. I think Apple includes certificates for a hundred free uploads, if you’d like I’ll forward one – not sure how it’s done yet, the techie part is the consultant’s domain, but if you’d like to try it let me know; my app is deep, not games or entertainment oriented, for thoughtful serious use by people interested in taking responsibility for theirs and their family’s health.

    Best, take care, do lots of deep breathing and walking, have fun with the research,

    Maurene (White RN etc)

    • Maurene,

      Today I am 40 weeks!!! Yes I’ve read Elizabeth Noble’s “having twins”, my midwife suggested and it’s on my book list (see tab Book List), I really like the book even with the part that may sound crazy to some people – that babies retain their memories in the womb.

      Ina May’s book is also one of my favorites, we actually contacted the Farm; unfortunately, they do not take twin births anymore.

      I think its a good idea to include the multiples in your software especially since multiples are becoming more common. Unfortunately, I don’t have an ipad/iphone. I do have an ipod (older version) but its not the ipod touch. Are you planning on making an Android version? Do you have a website describing your software?

      Thanks for your comments and wish you the best on your software!

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