Fourth Ultrasound

Day: 37+2

Just returned from Dr. Deigan’s office, he did the first ultrasound for me in Dec last year and I really liked him since he’s very detailed about everything. The ultrasound today was good, other than there’s mild excessive amniotic fluid, its around 26~32 on the index (25 being normal, 40 being extremely excessive). Since the biggest risk factor of having polyhydramnios is preterm labor, which we don’t really need to worry about at this point :), it doesn’t bother us. We figured that I should drink less soup (I love soup so much) but keep drinking water if I feel thirsty.

Both babies are still head down, Baby A’s head seems to be very low, his estimated weight is 6lbs & 13oz, Baby B is 6lbs and 4oz. We were happy about their progress and their weight seem to be pretty even. Dr. Deigan seems to be very good at answering all of our questions, and tomorrow we will be visiting our OB with good information.

Today I feel much much better, the weather is nicer, Michael and I took a walk in the morning then in the evening, I don’t know what happened but the swelling in my feet went away! Mom’s friend told her that is one of the signs of going into labor is when the swelling going down, maybe we are very close!


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