A Stiff Neck and Cord Prolapse

Day: 37+3

Just as I thought things were getting better, I woke up today with a mild stiff neck, it wasn’t comfortable but over time during the day it got so much worse and it turned out to be the worst stiff neck I’ve ever experienced. I took a nap in the afternoon and could not get up. A slight movement of the head causes tremendous amount of pain. Michael and Mom tried the cold compress and hot sock, I think the heat helped more, we also tried the acupressure (see the pressure point in the picture) but it didn’t help at all, I guess we will have to leave it to the pro – Dr. Gil tomorrow when he does acupuncture.

Early afternoon we went to see our OB and met with the CNM Kim again. She was really nice and she’s excited about our progress. We mentioned about the potential risk of amniotic fluid gushing out, which could cause cord prolapse, it is a true obstetrical emergency since the baby will only have minutes (which in most cases they won’t survive) and she told us to either go to the office or the hospital if the water breaks and gushes out at home (if it is leaking it’s not a problem since the baby’s head most likely is below the cord), especially if we can see the cord coming out (although if the cord is not visible, the baby could still press on it and cut off the oxygen). She also advised that if that happens, I should be on all fours and stay in that position in the car on our way to the office/hospital. I am very glad that we switched our OB, they are very knowledgeable, what she said is exactly what I read.

So next Monday we will go in, if I can make it that far, to have the non-stress test, basically to have EFM (electronic fetal monitoring) for 20 minutes to see how the babies’ heart rates are. Today theirs still remain in the 140s, which is perfect.

Even though I feel very uncomfortable, we decided to go out for dinner, ended up having Japanese, it was good and we stopped by Best Buy to get the charger for my Sony camcorder, we recycled the original charger last month 😦 Well, not sure how tonight is going to be, I will probably sleep in the recliner!



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2 responses to “A Stiff Neck and Cord Prolapse

  1. If the baby’s head is really down no cord can squeeze by it. Gravity will keep it moving down too, so if you walk a lot, which you’re doing that is the best thing you can do to help yourself.

    Ina May Gaskin, head midwife at the Farm has a post on her blog about her daughter in law’s birth of her grandson Gustavo; she used a nice strong stick to lean on with both hands while doing doing a sort of figure 8 belly-dance to help gravity move her baby down – on the blog the whole description is entitled -can’t remember the mum’s name but ______’s Amazing Birth or Labour.

    • maybe someday the hospital can have a pole? it also reminds me of the movie “the timeless way” that in many ancient culture, women birth hanging on a rope…

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