Day: 37+5

I woke up, checked my email and got a nice surprise, Donna spotted us on WRAL last night and we almost forgot about that WRAL came in one of the multiple classes to take some footage of our class. Kathy was on it too! It was fun to see myself with a much smaller belly in there.

Watch the video here to see us in the multiple class

I can’t believe how much better I feel this morning! It’s really like night and day…Last night even though I woke up around 1:30am and felt warm (while Michael still had a blanket on him), I was able to pretty much sleep through the night! And this morning I feel so much better, I would say 80% of the pain is gone, Dr. Gil also called this morning to make sure I am doing alright and made sure that I keep it up for a while, he is the best!

We turned off the air-conditioning for the most part of the day until it reached 87 degree, then we decided to leave it on at 80 degrees, it’s not as bad as we thought and for sure it helped my neck, I continued to use the Epsom salts, tiger balm then rice sock, by the end of the day I feel like a new person, we decided to have dinner at Seoul Garden, dinner was great, Mom had the Bibimbap (rice and veggies cooked in a hot stone), I had my favorite tofu stew and Michael ordered beef noodles. Everything was great, and we loved the rice soup dessert they served at the end, it cooled us down so quickly. I wish Seoul Garden is a bit closer, even though we like going to S-Mart, it is a nice change!


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