Michael’s YouTube Innovation

Day: 37+6

A cute video of Bonnie getting groomed by Michael, she is such a spoiled cat!

Michael designed a feature on YouTube and certainly attracted some attention, the original name is YouTube Expander but then he received an email from YouTube, asking him to change the name to avoid any confusion since it’s not a YouTube widget. So here is the link to his Window Expander for YouTube, for Google Chrome. Like YouTube said, it was listed as one of the featured programs on the front page.

Window Expander for YouTube

At Western Wake Farmers market, the farmers we shop from every week were surprised to see me, and it was funny that they all said, “I hope that I won’t see you next week”! We really love shopping there, the produce is always fresh and unique, and even though they are not certified organic, they are grown organically. You can always find unusual stuff there, today we got some purple sweet pepper, a lot of the veggies here have distinct flavor even compared to the organics from Whole Foods. Fickle Creek Farm is apparently a popular spot since there were people lining up when we got there! Mom loves the La Farm Bakery and she opted for the bread with cheese stuffing 🙂 Its wonderful that there are so many organic farmer’s markets in this area, we not only love the food but also the sense of community – knowing the people who grow our food!

Michael and I then went to Whole Foods to complete our shopping list, I was so glad to find organic grapes there today, which I have been waiting for months! We also discovered the all-natural, no sugar fruit bars, it tastes so good since the weather is getting hotter and hotter.



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2 responses to “Michael’s YouTube Innovation

  1. Michael

    Just a minor correction, but Google sent me the email requesting the name change as well as making the Window Expander For YouTube a featured extension.

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