38 weeks!!!

Day: 38 weeks

We are so excited that we made full 38 weeks today! Now we are ready for their arrival at any time and we believe Mother Nature does the best job when it comes to determining the best time is for our boys to come and meet us! The discussion around when the twins should be born is a hot topic, yet there’s no definitive research that shows taking them out (usually that’s what people do though under the advice of OBs) is any better than leaving them in. As a matter of fact, from the research below, elective delivery (including induction and C-section) has worse outcome than a spontaneous delivery. That’s not hard to understand – the babies are not ready and more stressed out when they are given medications or being taken out. A mom I talked to said she scheduled a C-section at 38 weeks, because “her doc would not let any twin pregnancy go past 38 weeks”, in hind sight, she regret her decision because her body wasn’t ready and the milk didn’t come in until 2 weeks later.

What is the optimal gestational age for twin delivery?

The only way, we believe, to help the decision-making is the type of research that is done on real twin delivery study, such as the one above, rather than being told the risks of being “overdue”. Induction by using Pitocin or Cervidil, again, increases so many risks of unnecessary medical interventions like vacuum extraction, fetal distress that may lead to maconium and C-section, etc. The mentality is that as long as mother and babies are alive, it is acceptable. It is true but they are not necessarily healthy mom and babies, many studies have shown that babies still retain the memory of their birth, whether it’s gentle or harsh, of course, overtime those memories fade away but how they come to this world has a profound influence on their personality and bonding with the parents. In my case, the babies are healthy and still growing (apparently they are comfortable being in the womb still), there’s no complication whatsoever, all the blood work on iron level, GBS, blood pressure, heart rate are perfect all along, we really don’t see why we would run the risk of forcing them to come out. We are also fortunate that Triangle OBGYN is a practice that encourages a natural birth rather than just offering C-section and bed rest by using fear of what can go wrong, and in life, everything has risks, and I wonder how many moms really understand the risks of being induced or having a C-section if they don’t necessarily need them (don’t get me wrong, in some cases, these are necessary measures)! The OB and midwives are comfortable letting us go past 38 weeks, provided babies are doing well and growing healthy and we are okay with closely monitoring their condition. Since labor and delivery is not something anyone can predict and every birth is unique, we want to make sure that we are set up for the worst scenario as well.

Here are some interesting videos:

Raising Twins (40 weeks!!!)

Natural Birth of Twins and Triplets



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2 responses to “38 weeks!!!

  1. Bonny R.

    Just wanted to let you know that I’m thinking about you all!! So glad the boys continue to be in great health and are thriving in their optimal environment 🙂

    With joyful anticipation of a wonderful birthday,

    • Bonny, I am so glad to see your comment!!! I am doing fine still and just returned from the OBs, look forward to the arrival of the boys…everything is going well so far and hopefully we will be able to see you at the hospital!

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