Into 39th week

Day: 38+1

We visited Dr. V early this morning, for the first time, they monitored the babies’ heart rate for about 30 minutes and did a cervix check. He’s happy that we are in the 39th week. Everything was fine, and we were glad to hear from him that without any complication, there’s no reason to talk about induction unless I go into 41st week, both Michael and I felt so relieved and we are very happy that we made the right choice of switching to a practice that supports the birth that we desire, it’s very encouraging that we don’t have to second-guess ourselves. Luci saw us and she complimented that I am doing so well and I am the model mom-to-be :). Dr. V also said having mild excessive fluid actually is a good thing, not having enough is more worrisome and the prolapsed cord can happen to any pregnancy, and it’s very rare. He suggested that we either call Audrey or visit the office or hospital if my water breaks, regardless of gushing or leaking,  just to make sure, also only 1 out of 5 labors start with breaking of the water. On the way out, the nurse we met told us she had twin boys at 40 weeks and there’s no reason to induce them! The only thing we don’t really understand is that the purpose of doing cervix check since it’s kind of painful, I am .5cm dilated and Baby A is not fully engaged yet but Dr. V said that doesn’t really mean anything as to when the labor will start, I could go into labor anytime so what’s the point of having a cervix check?

I posted some messages on Circle of Moms and Mumsnet, asking about women who had experiences carrying twins over 38 weeks, and got overwhelming replies with success stories of carrying them all the way to as far as 40 weeks and 5 days. With no complication, it’s perfectly safe for the babies to stay in the best environment for their growth.

Michael and I went to Troy and Kimberly’s and had a really good time last night, their house is beautiful and Kimberly actually has a job opportunity in Shanghai, how interesting! We met another couple and the conversation was all about babies and kids, funny enough that all three couple each has (or will have) 2 sons. Michael made the pasta salad from Sharon’s recipe and everything we used in it was organic, it was really delicious!


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