Real Sleepy Day

Day: 38+2

Weather is getting really hot and humid. Every week, I noticed some sort of changes, I feel extremely sleepy today, got up around 8am and after breakfast I felt like heading right back to bed. So I slept for about 2 hours and then got up for lunch, after lunch I felt sleepy again so I hit the bed around 2pm and didn’t wake up almost till 5pm. Michael and I took a short walk around the neighborhood and a lady by the pool saw me and asked if I am having twins, she thinks I am ready too 🙂 I don’t feel like walking as much as I used to because of the temperature, Bonnie seems to hang out inside the apartment more as well.

I worked on the birth announcement project today, decided not to pay for it so I used Adobe Photoshop and made my own design, it looks pretty good! Mom still massages my feet (and Michael did it too today), it felt great. I am starting to feel anxious about their arrival, since my routine is getting simpler and simpler, probably because my body is getting ready – eat, sleep, eat, sleep, there’s not much desire to do anything else.


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