Getting Close?

Day: 38+3

Audrey came today to check on me in the afternoon, my body must be getting ready for the birth, again I had to take a nap in the morning then in the afternoon today, adding the 8 hours of sleep last night, my body needed about 11~12 hours of sleep! At least the PUPPP went away and my neck is feeling fine. It was good seeing Audrey and had some of our questions answered, we went over our plan and strategies again and all felt confident about the upcoming big event. The abdominal pain I’ve been feeling in the past two days was from effacement, or shortening or thinning of the cervix, which is a good thing meaning baby A is moving down. My body still feel like a furnace, feeling so hot all the time, but we’ve been turning off the fan and leaving the air around 78~80 degrees every night and it’s been working out fine.

Michael, Mom and I went to Rudino’s today for dinner with Joe, at the High House Rd location, we were disappointed by the new Rudino’s just opened near the apartment. The one that’s a bit further still has the best pizza, and I loved their chicken Quesadilla! Everything was delicious…we then stopped by Whole Foods and did some shopping. I must look huge since now I am starting to get the freak look, and it was obvious that people stare at me, lol…

We watched bunch of Chinese movies lately at night so Mom can enjoy them as well, Little Big Soldier (by Jackie Chan) and The Three Kingdoms – Resurrection of the Dragon (Andy Lau) – lots of fight scenes! The babies’ movement are amazing, it must be from their bigger size, especially at night, they move around like crazy, I wonder if they will be more active during night after they come out, that will probably require some sleep training!


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