Tum Yum Thai

Day: 38+4

Got through the night without any surprise, and I start to wonder if the boys are too comfortable being inside. My days start to go on with a simple routine, eating, sleeping, resting, and not much desire to do anything else. It is pretty hot today and I slept a lot today again, the day just flew by so fast. We went to Tum Yum Thai for some Thai food for dinner and it was yummy like always. I had my Tum Yum Tofu soup and Pad Thai, Michael had the beef noodle soup and Mom had the Thai fried rice.

Well sorry folks, there’s no much to report, simply because I spend half of the day sleeping, one thing about sleep during pregnancy though is the dreams are so wild, and a lot of times they are pretty vivid. This afternoon, I dreamed of taking a week-long trip to Switzerland and trying to reach Michele. They say it’s the hormone…our body is pretty amazing at doing things, its quite intelligent in a way, so I always try to listen to my body, sleep when I feel tired, drink and eat when I feel the thirst or hunger.

Our movie of the day is Mulan, not the Disney one but the 2009 Chinese version, it was actually pretty good. The story was a bit exaggerated, I don’t think Mulan in history actually became a general but she did went home alive after battling for his father. I often wonder when people will realize that they are all just being utilized (being a chess piece) to fight in wars, so many lives are lost for the benefit of the elite and so little is done to rectify that injustice. For thousands of years, from the uncivilized tribal disputes to modern warfare, but then, which war is sane, necessary and civilized anyway? Especially thinking about how much efforts that go into bringing up a life and how easily it can be lost.



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2 responses to “Tum Yum Thai

  1. Michael

    In Three Kingdoms, the lead general said that “we are all just chess pieces”. This is especially true in war because the people who instigate the war are certainly not the people who fight it. The people who benefit most from war, are not the ones that fight it either.

  2. In “Little Big Soldier” it was the same story…people go to war because they have no choice and all they want to do is to live a simple life when it’s all over. Even though in both movies, the princes were fighting the wars as well, it’s impossible though in reality.

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