Bonny’s Website

Day: 38+5

Kathy forwarded me Bonny’s website Birth with Bonny today and I really loved reading it and watching the videos on there.

It was amazing to learn about the breast crawl can be affected by epidural, one of the videos is done based on the study of newborns who are all placed on mother’s chest, some are immediate, some are after a while, some mothers received medication during the birth, some did not. The differences were obvious, the babies who didn’t get any medication were alert and could crawl their way to the nipple in minutes, the rest had trouble or even lost the stepping/suckling reflex.

Another excellent video on the site is about the breastfeeding, 15 minutes of coaching with a new mom who’s having trouble getting her baby latch on. Really great tips, I clicked around and found the trailer for an upcoming movie, which will be released in Oct/Nov this year, called “Formula Fed America”, in the past few days I learned, from different people, that induction and scheduled C-section makes breastfeeding a lot harder since the body is not ready to produce milk, so babies born that way have to start with formula for a week or two, not to mention what the pacifier does to the babies in the nursery. This is why we are determined to wait till they are ready to come out, and not let anything be in the way of nature’s path, and trust the body to do what it’s supposed to do: pregnancy, labor, delivery and producing the best food for the babies.

I don’t know how the labor/delivery is going to unfold, but I’m so appreciative of all the childbirth educators who have coached us along the way, not only the techniques they teach, but the confidence building and affirmation of having a healthy, loving pregnancy and delivery. I really feel that so many people out there make their decision based on very little or no information. The fact that we are carrying the twins till almost 39 weeks now is not pure luck, or it just happened that way, it’s a lot of efforts that went in – organic, well-balanced nutrition (thanks to Dr. Gil), low stress, and education. I hope with Audrey’s help (and I am hoping Dr. V will be there during the delivery), labor and delivery will be a wonderful experience as well.


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