Maybe my last Saturday before babies come out?

Day: 38+6

We made it to the Western Wake Farmer’s Market this morning and everyone was surprised to see me! We chatted with every vendor we normally shopped from and it was wonderful to see the variety of veggies there now that it’s the summer season. Michael loved the purple peppers he got last time and I always love the cucumber there. We got our favorite ribs from Fickle Creek Farm and I spotted some lovely eggplant, Audrey said eggplant is one of the foods to trigger labor…It was delicious at lunch. This will be one of the routine I will miss after delivery!

It was quite a relaxing afternoon, the temperature was so high we all felt that we wanted to stay in, so Michael and I watched a movie called (500) Days of Summer, it was really cute and a different love story than the typical Hollywood drama, then we spend sometime with Nicole and John, John has been working hard to have the backyard redone, it looked really great now that they leveled the backyard and put up a fence. Justin was just adorable and baby Tyler really likes to sleep, I got to see Nicole change his diaper and John feeding him. I can’t believe soon we will be having two tiny people in our own arms, I still feel nervous holding Tyler.

We decided to try out “Pho Cali” for dinner on Capital Blvd, it was indeed better than Pho 99, and Mom loves the Vietnamese beef noodle soup more than Chinese noodle soup. My belly is stretching so much that I have been feeling some pain in the past week, Audrey said it’s the thinning of the uterus wall, so it’s a good thing. I felt really strong contractions tonight and babies moved so much but apparently they could still tolerate it to the point they are not coming out yet 🙂 At night we watched another movie called “The  Secret  Diaries of Miss Anne Lister”, it’s based on a true story of the “the first modern lesbian”, it was a very interesting life and the fact that she coded her diaries with her daily life was really intelligent, it was fully decoded 150 years after her death.

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