39 weeks!

Day: 39 weeks

We made 39 weeks today!!! Last night the contraction was really strong I thought I was going into labor but everything was fine. Its really hot today but we decided to return the preemie clothes we received from TLC to Carter’s at Morrisville Outlet store, Nora and Joe met us there…I felt it was getting really hard to stand on my feet even just waiting on line but we were able to exchange for some burp cloth and cute little socks 🙂 I can’t believe how cheap things are at this particular store – it always shocks me how much profit companies make by manufacturing stuff overseas, shipping it all the way across the globe and being able to sell them for a few bucks! It kind of reminds me of the short video we watched yesterday, by Annie Leonard, “the Story of Stuff”. Actually we watched the new video called “The Story of Bottled Water“, it’s just as interesting as her original videos. I wish the weather is cooler since I would really love to take a long walk but the heat just totally turned me off – I guess I will take a nap instead.



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4 responses to “39 weeks!

  1. Kim

    All of these contractions are really good practice for you! I am glad you are getting that chance. I am praying for you as the time gets closer 🙂

    • Thanks Kim! We reached our initial goals and now I feel bored since there’s no milestone to go at but anxiously waiting for them to arrive. We still want to avoid any kind of induction though, so hopefully they will decide to come out soon 🙂

  2. Michele

    I still think those contractions will intensify, and be the trigger for labor, on your next walk!

    • I am hoping too. Both Audrey and Dr. V will be out of town this weekend so Michael and I will take a long walk this afternoon and hopefully that will be the start!!!

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