Hurry Baby Hurry

Day: 39+1

Going into the 40th week today! Our visit with Dr. V was as pleasant as usual, and we ran into Margaret and Elliot at the office, I am glad they switched and hopefully they are getting more support with Triangle for the birth they desire. They thought for sure that we’d delivered by now! Luci was really funny, she joked that the babies might be in my belly forever, they are too comfortable. We had another EFM today, I sat in a very comfy La-Z-Boy, what a difference! There were more contractions this time than last time, and the babies reacted to the irregular contractions really well, according to Jessica, one of the midwives at Triangle.

So there’s not much progress on the dilation, still half a centimeter, and Baby A is at -1 station (fully engaged is at 0 station). Dr. V did a quick ultrasound scan to confirm they are head down, and it turned out they are not only both head down, their heads are next to each other – maybe that’s the reason I don’t have much dilation? He joked it’s not going to be like the World Cup, only one of them can win the race. Dr. V will be out of town this Thursday till next Wednesday, so I might end up having a different doctor at birth, so hopefully I can make it before Thursday! We expressed our feelings towards not getting induced and he was okay with it – that’s really awesome. Audrey will be out of town this weekend as well, so I am really hoping that the babies will come soon, otherwise Jamie will attend the birth as a backup.

So I’ve eaten a whole pineapple and plenty of eggplant, Michael and I went on a long walk this evening at Lake Pine, I hope Michele is right, maybe the labor will start during a walk. We both had some pain in the stomach but after the walk we both felt a lot better. Although I got scratched by a cat on the road so we had to turn back and clean the wound right away, it’s a Maine Coon cat looks like Bonnie with more fur but she was pretty mean!



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6 responses to “Hurry Baby Hurry

  1. kathy Underhill

    I do check on you most every day and wonder when the boys birthday will be!:)
    You look awesome and I am so proud of you and Michael for the way you are caring for yourself and your boys! I especially like all your recent pictures!
    Enjoy the last days of your pregnancy! Can’t wait to hear when the big event takes place!

    • Hi Kathy, I was being very anxious in the past few days, everyday I wondered if I would go into labor the next day, it’s kind of stressful actually. After seeing Dr. Gil today I feel much better, another patient of his we talked to had a 15 lbs baby! So our bodies knows and the babies know when it will the optimal time to come out. I will just have to let go of that anxiety, which is quite normal at this point.

  2. Kim

    I keep checking your blog to see if it says “Heading to the hospital.” =)

    • I will ask Michael to post something like “in labor” when it starts…thanks!

      • Erin Henry

        Consider *not* posting “in labor” if it could give you some performance anxiety. With my first some family knew I was in labor, and I knew they were worrying about me as time went on. At that time I just needed to stay present with my labor, not worry that my laboring was in the minds of other people. With my second I didn’t tell a soul who didn’t need to know (midwives, childcare help). I really enjoyed making the “surprise!” phone calls to everyone after the fact.
        Oh, and disconnect the phone or mute it and the answering machine at any point now if it seems like it would help your stress level. Even before labor starts, be selective about who you (Cynthia) call back to protect your sanity–only call those people who will be supportive and calm your nerves. In labor it’s really important to unplug. If you have a lull Michael can return phone calls, but you don’t need interruptions or irritations, especially of the ,”haven’t you had those babies yet?!” variety.
        I’m thinking and checking on you often as well! I’m so impressed with you guys; you’re going to be awesome parents. 🙂

  3. Thanks Erin, that’s a great piece of advice. I talked to Michael as well, you are right I probably won’t be happy if he’s on his computer while I am in labor 🙂 People can wait a day to know about the details.

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