Nature knows the best

Day: 39+2

It’s been such a busy day, we visited Dr. Gil this morning and it was very kind of him to gift us with a month-long herb for postpartum care. Of all the people, he’s really the only person who’s not surprised at me going into 40th week. From the very beginning, he knew I would be having a healthy pregnancy, with good nutritional plan, exercise and everything else. I guess that’s the reason we love seeing him, it is the holistic approach rather than isolating problems and using trial and error a typical doctor would do. He also reassures us with the belief that the babies will come out right on time, whenever that is.

We ended up having lunch at Whole Foods and 7 people came up and talked to us about how big I am – a few of them are guys and they know I am carrying twins – usually guys can’t tell! I guess I am drawing some attention now 🙂 After lunch, Michael had a small Gelato (double chocolate) and I had an all natural, banana fruit bar with no sugar. We truly enjoyed the sweets, and Michael has been so good so he deserves a treat after months of not touching anything with sugar. I am amazed at how determined he is, if I grew up with sweets I don’t think I would be doing so well like he is now. It is so hot today, we did some shopping and came home. Lijuan and her mom stopped by and her mom has sewed all the diaper refills for us already, they are going on an east coast trip tomorrow, and it was great chatting with them for a while. Nicole, John, Danielle, Paul and Kelly came later in the afternoon and it was great seeing them as well – Nicole and John gave us a whole box of newborn clothes that Tyler already grew out of – looks like the twins will have plenty of supply!

Today is the first day of Cancer, I still can’t believe the twins missed the Gemini! But I guess they are comfortable where they are, and I feel much more relieved now letting them stay as long as they need to (I don’t think I will go a month over anyway), nature knows the best!


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