A thought on the medical system

Day: 39+4

Now my appointment with the OB is twice a week, since Dr. V is out of town, we saw Dr. Grana today. The third cervix check still has the same result – .5 cm dilation, and 50% effacement (thinning of the uterus wall). So looks like babies are happy in the belly still. The non-stress test result came back great again, so Dr. Grana said there’s no reason to talk about induction until 42nd week, she said most twin moms feel miserable by 38th week and usually ask for an induction and she can’t recall any of her patient going this far with twins but she’s really amazed, which is encouraging to hear.  I guess I feel much better than most twin moms. My feet are not too swollen either, and there’s no real sign of labor yet, babies were moving quite actively at night still, so we are happy that they are happy staying in. After seeing Dr. Gil the other day, I feel much more at ease, Michael isn’t concerned either, and everyone sleeps much better at night without the anxiety, funny how our brains change our mood and behaviors. We do not want to subject ourselves to the norm, maybe twins are supposed to stay in just as long as singleton after all. Bunch of forums I checked on, moms get really worried once they go past 39 weeks, but in reality, only when you go past 42 weeks with singleton, it is technically considered postmature. We agreed with Dr. Grana, we don’t need to worry about until we have to cross that bridge. Everyone in the office was surprised and amazed in the same time, we really love the fact that the staff are so supportive at Triangle OBGYN, Michael and I have made the right decision switching to them, thanks to Audrey’s advice.

Over the years, I have dealt with so many health care providers, from the car accident in 2003 to this adventure of carrying twins, the medical doctors are very good at fixing our bodies by performing surgery but overall, this country really lacks of preventative care. Even though you may find the best surgeons in the US, there are so many sick people who do not realize their diet and lifestyle are killing them everyday. A chronic disease builds up and usually doesn’t present any major problem until later in life, and when that happens, it’s too late. What’s more, most people still don’t realize the cause or refuse to acknowledge what they have done wrong. I am sorry to say that in China, things are changing so fast and the Chinese are losing their valuable traditional medicine, and the medical reform is a copy of the US health care system, where people get tested for everything, and prescribed with expensive western medication, because that’s where the big money is, and it’s not difficult to predict how it is going to work out and who is going to benefit from it.  It’s sick that the societies promote such irresponsible system that’s not humane, wherever there’s money to be made, there’s sacrifice of lives. I am seriously considering learning about acupuncture when I return to China, since I am convinced my pregnancy benefit greatly from it and the care I receive with a holistic approach.

A good way to look at it is though, within each of us we still have the power to educate ourselves and search for the information to keep ourselves healthy, I always find the most difficult part is to be truly open-minded about our belief system, meaning not sticking to anything but making our decision based on the most factual information that’s out there, if we believe in one something (in the medical field, that will be the doctors), and refuse to look at other alternatives, the decision we made is almost guaranteed to be a bad one. Only when we do our homework and become well-informed, we can truly say to ourselves, this is the best decision we can possibly make at the time, with confidence.



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3 responses to “A thought on the medical system

  1. Kim

    I agree with you about keeping an open mind about beliefs. This is how I became a Christian. I investigated and found Christianity to have the most evidence for being true. Even though I have been a Christian for many years and am convinced it is true, I still want to know about other religions. I think keeping an open mind and looking into the things around you gives you the tools you need to either change your mind or to make your belief even more firm.

  2. Bonny R.

    “Only when we do our homework and become well-informed, we can truly say to ourselves, this is the best decision we can possibly make at the time, with confidence.”

    Bravo!! Can I borrow this quote as an inspiration for my classes?? Cited however you like of course 😉

    Hugs to you 4!

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