40 weeks – Lin and Li are full term babies!

Day: 40 weeks

Today is the due date – babies are still hanging out in their sacs, after 40 weeks apparently they are not sick of it! It’s another hot day – around 100 degrees – we decided to visit the Crabtree Valley Mall. My cousin in Shanghai asked me to get some Coach bags so it’s a good opportunity for us to get out and walk around a bit. I felt great today, climbing the stairs and walking around, it didn’t bother me too much, we tried some frozen yoghurt at the mall mixed with fruits but I couldn’t take the sugar in there, yuk!

I can never understand the fascination Chinese have towards Coach bags, this is probably the top brand which Chinese contribute to the US economy greatly. Every friend I know wants Coach bags, to me they kind of look dull and not unique at all, what’s more, they only want the new arrivals, which has no discount whatsoever. I have to say whatever the Coach marketing team did was genius, to get a whole country to go on the brand name shopping in Hong Kong, US and everywhere else just to bring back handbags that cost hundreds of dollars. The crazy thing is, after we spent over $1100 for three bags, we found out they are made in China, so Coach set the price in China, which is about double of that in the US, ship them all the way to the US, then the Chinese try to get them in the US then bring them all the way back to China. All for a bag that after couple of month that’s probably worth only $50. How irrational is that? It’s a waste of resources!!! To us, it is really crazy…but that’s what my cousin wanted so I still ended up buying them. The sales girls were giggling when they handed us the bags, they must be thrilled to get a nice commission out of it. Well, at least we got to walk around and have some fun shopping, without actually paying for them.



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2 responses to “40 weeks – Lin and Li are full term babies!

  1. Kim

    Congratulations! You made it! Those babies have the best mommy and daddy!

  2. Michele

    You look great, still, everything in proportion except those twins of yours!! Can’t wait to meet them!! Those lucky boys!!

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