Decision Making Drives Us Crazy

Day: 40+2

Slept through the night again and there was still small amount of amniotic fluid, so I guess my sac didn’t seal up. Michael and I got up early in the morning and took a lovely walk, we sat by the pool, listening to the birds in the shades, the weather was beautiful with a breeze, it was quite enjoyable and peaceful.

Thanks, our friends, for emailing us and being so supportive, I know everyone is anxious to ask the question, we feel the same way! But everything has its time and the boys are still kicking:) Kathy wrote me this morning and reminded me to take my temperature often to make sure I don’t have an infection myself (it’s 98.2F this morning), which is a great tip and if we do decide to get induced later on, we could try the foley bulb before using the Pitocin. These are advice that are so precious…I’ve never heard of foley bulb so I will talk to Audrey about it. It makes sense to use it to dilate the cervix than using medication.

Michael called Triangle OBGYN this morning and we were able to set up the next appointment with no hassle, that’s good. Dr. V is coming back to the office on Friday (I will be 40+5 that day) so if I don’t go into labor spontaneously by then we will feel more comfortable talking with him about our options. We really like him because he’s laid back and very open to our ideas. We just don’t get the same vibe from anyone else like we have with him.

Michael and I took the second walk after lunch after he searched for studies posted online on amniotic fluid leak, actually there was no solid evidence showing that infection is that huge of a risk. We weren’t sure if the test they performed was the fern test (which is true water break) was positive either.   In the afternoon, Luci, one of the nurse-midwives called and said they are not going to change their position so Friday we can go straight to the hospital, we respectfully acknowledged their advice and told her that we decided to wait till Friday. And we would like to go in again to check the fluid level, since Luci said the babies are lack of fluid (but they haven’t done any test on that). We couldn’t believe they refused to see us in the office but only at the hospital, and made it clear that they are unwilling to see us for the test (then why make a claim that I am lack of fluid???) So our decision remains the same – to stay home and wait for spontaneous labor and put a deadline to go in on Friday, since by then it will be a week since the water leaked. Michael and I, as patients, believe that we have the ultimate decision-making power, if we are not getting solid, scientific proof, intuitively we do not want to get in, the babies deserve a chance to start the onset of labor. The risk of infection is there but if we continue to monitor the temperature and leaks, it should be okay and the fluid level can be managed through drinking plenty of water (every three hours the amniotic fluid replenishes), we will try to manage the problem to our best knowledge.

So in the afternoon, we stopped by Nicole and John’s and picked up their heart rate monitor, just for a few days we can listen to the babies’ heart rate to reassure  that they are doing fine. Tomorrow we will meet up with Audrey and talk about the game plan. It’s been a roller-coaster-like day emotionally, but at the end of the day, we agreed on what we want to do and felt comfortable with our decision, we went to Grand Asian for dinner and ran into Nora! On the way back, there was a beautiful rainbow (it was so needed) and we took Kathy’s advice to cuddle and relax at night, to get rid of the stress hormone and let the oxytocin kick in.


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