Birth Announcement

Hi Everyone, we’ve been so busy and rarely had time to do anything else other than working on getting my milk supply up! I promise a detailed birth and postpartum blog will be posted whenever it’s done…Here is the birth announcement, thank you all for being so supportive and the boys are so alert as newborn, it’s really amazing! It’s the most stressful time in our life right now but every single minute is worthwhile.



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3 responses to “Birth Announcement

  1. Congrats!!! 🙂


  2. elliott hsu

    Cynthia and Michael,

    Congrats to you both and we’re so happy to see the safe and healthy arrival of Lin and Li. Two boys should keep you guys busy! Best wishes and luck to your new family.

    We are just embarking on our 34th week. We’ll keep you posted on our status!


  3. Michele

    Dear Cynthia, You did it!! Welcome to the world, Lin and Li!! I am sure you are very busy and am happy your mother could be there to help you at this time!! Does your midwife recommend fennel tea for milk production? Or you could drink a malt drink, Ovalmaltine or a light beer? Both are recommended over here.

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