The First Three Weeks

The twins are three weeks old! And it’s so hard to believe!!! It’s been a very stressful three weeks, many challenges to deal with, many tiring hours, but the boys are approaching 9 lbs and are making amazing changes everyday. Just as I am writing this blog, Michael is bouncing Li on the birth ball, and Li made his first laugh (not just smiling, both of them started smiling at the end of the first week), and he was laughing out so loud, very cute indeed!

Michael and I were talking about how much we had prepared for the pregnancy and labor/delivery, and how little we educated ourselves on what to expect after their arrival. The main challenge we are facing is milk production. My milk didn’t come in until the end of the first week, and by now, it looks like it just went over the transitional stage, the color starts to turn white just a few days ago. The SNS system was so frustrating, and we tried everything to increase the milk, drinking Mother’s Milk tea with Dr. Gil’s lactation formula, eating a lot of oatmeal, nursing them frequently.

No one has told us that breastfeeding is a 24/7 around the clock job!!! And sure it’s not easy to actually breastfeed, even though most people just seem to be able to pick up their baby and they latch on. One difficulty for us, is to tell how much they need to eat. The first night home was a nightmare, we thought they only take about 15ml, so in the middle of the night, they were screaming on top of their lungs (and it was so stressfu), then their appetite increased drastically till now they drink about 50 oz or more, looks like I have enough for one baby since we are cutting down the donor’s milk to 16 oz now, but its such a strggule though, especially when I put them on the breasts, they would stay for an hour, then half an hour later, they get hungry again! Michael and I plan on hiring a lactation consultant to make a home visit, we think the babies may not be extracting milk efficiently, especially Li, with the tongue-tie.

Despite the challenge, babies are doing great. We are lucky that they are more fussy during the day than at night, they can sleep between 3~4 hours at night, so we usually get up between 2-3am, then 5:30-6am. We think the tight swaddling and rope wrapping worked, also the red light bulb with less stimulation might have helped also.  They are pooping and peeing all the time, and surprisingly their poop doesn’t smell that bad! By the end of the 3rd week, their faces definitely look much fuller than before. We co-sleep with them, and it’s good that they don’t wake each other up. However, as time goes, they are more needy, especially when they are hungry, they want the milk right away! We are still learning and trying to figure out why they cry – even though sometimes they seem to cry for no reason, we know they need something.



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4 responses to “The First Three Weeks

  1. Kim

    I had many struggles with Nathan learning to nurse. It took a LOT of work at first, but it does get better. The tongue tie will definitely make it harder. I would love to come by and talk to you about what I learned and just encourage you!

  2. Zhenyan

    This reminds me of our first several weeks with Aiden and Anthony. The first night was indeed a nightmare. Our bedroom light was on the whole night. Just hang in there. Things will get better and better. I remember one day at about 10 or 12 week, my twins slept from 10 to 6. That was a big celebration for us. Now they sleep 9-7. I also found a cradle swing was very helpful during the day. My boys liked to take nap there for hours. I just sold mine. Otherwise I can loan you that.

    It’s frustrating to hear babies screaming for milk while I was still trying to warm the milk. But now, at 6 months old, my twins are so curious to things around them and are hardly focusing on nursing. They stop and look around a couple of times during nursing. I kinda miss the time when they could complete a bottle without a stop:).

    Have fun with the precious babies!

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