Making Progress

Day 26

Thanks everyone for posting the comments on the previous blog – it has been so helpful to get advice and encouragement from the experienced moms – even moms with twins like Sarah and Callie (my tmott buddy)!

Well, I am happy to report that after trying Dr. Young’s advice – putting the babies on the breasts as much as possible, we are surprised that the babies actually seemed satisfied most of the time, yesterday we didn’t give them donor’s milk until 10:30am, Lin drank 4 oz and Li drank about 2 oz after the 10am feeding from the breasts. I stopped the bottle feeding when I noticed Li had a mouth full of milk coming out and then Lin spit up all over, and their belly felt so big and tight, they looked like they are having a hard time processing it. So we started to wonder if they just don’t know when to stop, even though they are full. I noticed in the middle of the night, Lin would still suck during the sleep, so yesterday we decided to try the pacifier for the first time to stop them from crying, knowing that they can’t be hungry and they have clean diaper. Li took it pretty well, Lin spit it out – he’s the fussy one, during the day, he would only sleep in Michael’s arm. Twice already, we had to leave him in the room, and let him scream and cry for 5 minutes to learn to soothe himself after we tried everything we could. Last night he did it again, once I picked him up, he’s quiet, so I think he just wants to be held all the time, so maybe you can spoil an infant – does that make sense?

I guess parenting is a learning process – each child is unique I can see the different personalities of the twins already. Surprisingly, the challenge we are facing is how to tell if they are full and how much they need to eat. Glad that we are making progress for sure – I feel the fullness of my breasts, and sometimes they leak like faucets, these are all good signs, today we will record how much wet  and dirty diaper they have to make sure they are getting enough milk from me. I have to agree that using the pump to determine my milk production may not be accurate at all, since it’s not the best way to get the milk out (I can still express good amount of milk after a dry pumping). And most importantly, instead of looking at breastfeeding as a chore, I start to feel comfortable with it (most of the time we tandem feed them, in the afternoon, I lay down and rest while feeding one at a time), after all, breast milk is  the best gift a mother can give to her child(ren). Another good thing is the 3am feeding only took 30 minutes instead of one hour – what a sense of accomplishment (and that is why I am still up writing the blog)!!! I am also taking my daily breastfeeding recipe – a mix of flax seed oil, PaleoMeal protein powder, chia seeds and 2 tablespoons of brewer’s yeast – add it to soups and stews throughout the day, maybe that helped as well.

We are still planning on hiring a lactation consultant for a home visit. We called the insurance company, for medical reason, it may be covered. Insurance also covers a pump up to $3,500 if it is medically necessary. However, Dr. Young said it really needs to be a life and death situation, she has never been successful getting her patient a pump that’s paid by the insurance company, anyway, it was too good to be true, we thought for the insurance company to do that.

The boys do have a routine now, they go to bed between 10:30 to 11pm, wake up for feeding between 2:30 to 3am, then wake up again between 5:30 to 6am, after breakfast, we take them out for a 15-minute walk in the Ergo carrier (they totally love the walk, and are always quiet being in a fetal position and in motion even though they are so sweaty when we take them out, see Li being so comfortable after the walk in the picture), then the morning is when they are most active and want to be fed non-stop, in the afternoon, they quiet down a bit, and sleep some (Lin has been up in the past few days all day though), then become more sleepy when the evening comes.


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  1. Kim

    My best advice for daytime naps is to keep their awake times VERY very short. Try to soothe them back to sleep after 30-45 minutes of being awake. More than that at this young age and they will become overstimulated and it will be very hard to get them to sleep.

    I know this is hard to do when you factor in the length of nursing, so just do the best you can. It gets better! Sounds like it already is getting better. Go girl, go!

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