Tough Night, New Strategy and Goodbye to Bonnie

Day 29

The night before last was tough, it was the first night that Lin wouldn’t go back to sleep after the 3am feeding, he cried and cried, and Michael ended up taking him to the living room, because Li was awake after hearing his brother scream. I vaguely remembered that I was laying on my side and breastfeeding Li then Lin early in the morning, when the sun came out,  we were both exhausted.

I seem to move around to find the best feeding nest – from my bed to mom’s bed, to couch, and finally the lay-z-boy seems to work the best. I love tandem feeding, for some reason, feeding the boys separately doesn’t work as well as feeding them in the same time, not just because it’s more time consuming, they are just more satisfied and content after some breast time. They sing together, making rhythmical noise, and they are both sweaty and tired after some good suckling work. It is the cutest thing when they gaze into each other’s eyes while drinking the milk.

So in the morning, we were trying to figure out what causes the recent fussy mornings, Lin’s been the harder one, and he spits up almost after each feeding (you have to understand for someone like me who doesn’t have enough milk it’s hard to watch him spit up the milk). Michael and Mom tried burping them more often, half way through the feeding, and it seemed to help greatly. By now, both boys have been put in the room for “time out” and we let them scream and cry since we just didn’t know what was wrong with them. However, now we realized it’s probably the discomfort from drinking all the milk and taking in the air in the same time that bothered them. After burping them frequently, they seem to be both soothed today and the house is much more quiet. It is probably true that babies all cry for a reason, the challenge is how we read their crying code.

Lin’s cord stump felt out yesterday, and apparently he has an “outie”, we are surprised it took that long for it to fall out. Audrey thinks the purple dye makes the process longer, it usually takes about 3~5 days for the cord to fall out for a home birthed baby. Also there’s research showing that using alcohol also delays the fall out – so we didn’t use any. I guess Li’s will be coming off soon as well.

Last night, Elissa came over and picked up Bonnie, the babies were crying for food (and I was leaking like crazy) so I went and fed the babies, when I came out, Bonnie was already gone! I will miss her dearly, she’s such a great cat, and she pretty much left the babies alone. However, giving her to Elissa is the best thing for her since she can play outside at her beautiful home and have 2 cats and a dog for companionship, and lovely owners who adore her. So I am glad that it worked out, and we are very grateful that Elissa offered to take her.



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4 responses to “Tough Night, New Strategy and Goodbye to Bonnie

  1. Kim

    Leaking means that your milk supply is still getting established, but it also means that you have a good amount!! Don’t worry if you stop leaking, it only means that your body has adjusted to the needs of your babies and knows exactly how much milk they need.

    Our bodies are amazing! Your body will probably even produce more milk in the morning and less towards the afternoon since that seems to be the nursing pattern of the boys.

    • Yes they are so hungry throughout the day, especially in the morning. I pumped this morning at 1:30, and got over 5oz, and it’s almost 7pm, haven’t used any supplement yet today!!! Keep nursing really helped.

  2. Laura Villegas

    You should try to massage them to aid with digestion (plus is another wonderful bonding opportunity for you guys).
    By the way They are adorable 🙂

    • Rubbing the tummy sounds great! Also I read about putting pressure on their abdomen should help. We will try to put them on their tummy under supervision, to encourage their motor skills.

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