Address the Milk Supply Issue

Day 30

The boys are a month old!!! And I am still working on building up the milk supply. Even though having enough milk seems almost impossible, the thought of giving up never crossed our mind. So far we tried brewer’s yeast, mother’s milk tea with Dr. Gil’s lactation formula, nursing every two hours, pumping between the feedings or after the feeding to empty the breasts. I am getting close I think but the boys seem not to get enough, and I would like to see more milk coming out!

Since we do have a deadline of August 22nd, we don’t have the luxury to continue to use donor’s milk (and it’s probably not a good idea since it may be the cause of the lack of the milk) in China, we will give it another week before we go with medication. Since I won’t need to pump too often, I purchased a Lansinoh manual pump (trigger-operated style) for just under $30, and surprisingly I like it better than the Ameda (hospital grade electric pump). This morning at 1:30, I tried it for the first time and got more than 5 oz out of it. It’s less painful and it’s mobile. It also can be used while nursing one baby, to save up the milk and probably extract more because of the easier let-down. So today no supplement yet (and it’s almost 7:30pm)!

Our paediatrician Dr. Young recommended using Domperidone, instead of Reglan because there’s a 50% chance of post-partum depression for using Reglan. However, Domperidone is not approved by FDA, we did some research online, it’s used to treat vomiting and it’s the side effect that increases milk supply by increasing the prolactin. The FDA opinion failed to indicate though, the potential risk of heart attack only happened when Domperidone is used via IV. However, for some women, milk still diminishes if stop using the medication. For others, a 7 to 10 day use of Domperidone will do the trick. Also there’s trace amount of medication goes into the infants, however, there’s no shown negative effects.

We decided before we try out the Domperidone on our next appointment on August 9th, we need to rule out any potential problem. Even though the possibility of retained placenta is very low, we decided to have an ultrasound just to rule out that possibility (thanks Sara for the suggestion). We called Dr. Deigan’s office, even though there’s no referral required according to the insurance company, they still need one. So we called in Triangle for a referral, Dr. V said he would see us right away, we went in yesterday and asked him for the referral, he refused it and said it would be an insurance fraud(???), he wanted to do a vag exam instead so Michael and I walked out of his office w/o having anything done – we are done with him at this point. The doctors treat you nice ONLY if you go along with what they want to do. Before our deliver, we asked for the fluid check, they refused it, during labor, we asked for the catheter because they forced me on IV fluids, they refused it, post-partum uterus scan (which is a covered service) again refused.

So Audrey wrote us a referral for a scan next Monday, we are hoping there’s no retained placenta since I don’t have time for a D&C at this point. But just in case, it needs to be taken care of for sure. So we will have a lactation consultant (since Li has tongue-tie and he seems to be more hungry after the feeding and drinks more from the bottle than his brother does) come early next week, then the ultrasound, if these potential causes are ruled out and I still don’t have abundant supply, we will try out Domperidone.



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4 responses to “Address the Milk Supply Issue

  1. Kim

    I know it is hard not to worry about your milk supply. The tongue tie is a DEFINITE hurdle. He cannot nurse efficiently because he doesn’t have full range of tongue movement. It may also cause him to take in more air while nursing if he can’t get a good latch.

    I would trust your body. I believe your supply will be just fine. All mothers worry about having enough milk! If the boys are growing and have plenty of pee and poop diapers, then your supply is enough. Being “satisfied” is hard to gauge because after nursing they could be fussy for many reasons other than still being hungry (gas, being tired but not knowing how to settle into sleep, wanting to still suck on something…).

    You are doing great. Relax and try not to let it stress you out. Stress can also cause a dip in milk supply.

  2. The tongue-tie can (and should) be clipped. It’s very easy to do, your pediatrician should be able to do it. It will help tremendously.

    Also, I pumped fulltime for a year for each of my boys (I had singles). I purchased domperidone from a New Zealand pharmacy ( and used it the whole time I was pumping. You can join a yahoo group – Pumpmoms – and get a crazy amount of support. And many of those women have used domperidone for an extended amount of time with no issues.

    Feel free to email me if you have any questions. And good luck! 🙂


    • Margaret, it’s what we plan to do if I can’t make enough milk before going to China!!! Domperidone is available in HK but not in China Mainland, I can’t believe there’s a whole group of people doing it and sharing the experience, it’s wonderful, thanks!

  3. We are going to have the lactation consultant evaluate the tongue tie situation and see whether the surgery is necessary, I have concerns about it. Since tongue tie basically causes two problems: breastfeeding and speech. If we clip his tissue, later on a laser vertical cut would not be possible so if he has speech problem when he becomes older, that can’t be rectified. So if the tongue tie becomes a problem for him to get sufficient milk, I will pump and bottle feed him if necessary, I think. But all can change depends on the growth pattern in the coming week.

    Another interesting thing is we don’t have a history of tongue tie, wonder where that comes from 🙂

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