Big Discovery

Day: 32

Its a busy day! We took out the boys to see Nicole & John, Courtney and Matt, and Stephen L. & Steve R., who drove all the way to clear the barn in Norlina! We also made an appointment with Cindi Freeman, a lactation consultant for a home visit on Tuesday. We had a great time seeing the friends and family.

Big discovery with the breastfeeding today after I read the following post on

After all, I may have enough milk for the boys! Usually when they get fussy, especially just before going to bed, right after a full nursing session, we would try to soothe them but break down to offer a bottle, when they guzzle down 4 or 5 oz, I thought I didn’t have enough milk for them. Well, from reading the article, this could be all wrong! The boys fit perfectly with the cluster feeding, their most fussy time is in the evening, and after that they go for a long period of time of sleep. So when a bottle is inserted into their mouth, they had no choice but to swallow (that explains why initially they always  have mouth full of milk), but that triggers the sucking reflex. So they become more fussy with a full stomach.

After reading about this, we decided not to give them bottles at all (other than the 2 oz my own expressed milk with the probiotic) today, and we did it without supplement! Later on, Dr. Gil called and said we could stop using the probiotic since its been a month and bottle feeding can diminish the milk supply. The evening feeding was tough, they would have the typical cluster feeding symptoms – after being on the breasts for an hour, they were happy for less than half an hour then they were rooting again, so the last feeding before bed lasted from 9:30 to almost midnight – longest ever and it was not very fun sitting for almost 3 hours, eating dinner, surfing, napping! However, they woke up around 4am, so we made it 🙂

This is really a change that brought a sense of accomplishment, the boys were much happier yesterday, especially we put them in the carrier or moby wrap during the day and that makes everyone’s life much easier. So I thought I would write down the important things we learned:

  • Knowledge is power, confidence is the key. I find (recommended by Bonny) is extremely helpful as a site for anything related to breastfeeding). Understanding the problems boosts the confidence and makes the breastfeeding goals attainable.
  • Offer breasts on demand. Really the key is to offer breasts, rather than bottles whenever the kids want them so the milk production is encouraged and the body can adjust the volume according their demand. Easier said than done, I feel that’s what I do all day long, but I find having a feeding schedule is not a good idea, even if it’s 2 hours apart since during certain time of the day, the body may have to produce constantly and other times, it can have a break for 3 or 4 hours.
  • Use carriers and spend a lot of time with the baby. We find skin-to-skin, and motion really help with calming them down, the only time this doesn’t work is when they are hungry. And yes its true, when I think of the babies, or when they cry, my nipples start uncontrollably leaking.
  • Burp them really well and put them in upright position as much as possible. At first we didn’t know why they looked uncomfortable, but now we know – they need to get the bubbles out of them and it takes time. We do massage them and they are much happier after passing the stool.

I thought a clip of the baby being fussy will be fun to share, since most of the time it’s the perfect happy baby pictures and videos, just for a change 🙂



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2 responses to “Big Discovery

  1. Lynn

    We can relate to the video! I did the same thing last week. It’s all cute in the pictures, but sometimes it’s double fussy time. Glad the breastfeeding is getting better for you!

  2. Kim

    Cindi Freeman is TERRIFIC!! I worked with her when I had Nathan. She is going to confirm a lot of your bullet points, nursing on demand, wearing your babies and the cluster feedings. You are doing all the right things and your babies are normal, healthy babies with a mommy who has plenty of milk. YAY! Way to go mommy. Keep it up!

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