Good News and Bad News

There’s so much going on and this is the first time I am writing 2 posts in a day! Well, should we tell the good news or bad news first? Probably getting the bad news out first will be easier.

The result from ultrasound done yesterday came back, there was fluid and possible birth material (retained placenta) in my uterus, we will probably hear back from the radiologist tomorrow on today’s second ultrasound to confirm. Well, this may well solve the mystery why I didn’t have milk. After doing everything we could possibly think of – good nutrition, herbal supplement, pumping and nursing, a retained placenta makes the most sense that my body still thinks I am carrying the babies so there’s not enough secretion of prolactin. In hindsight, we are so glad that we walked out of Dr. V’s office the other day when he said he didn’t think I have retained placenta and refused to refer me to Dr. Deigan (ultrasound specialist), and had an independent check, otherwise, the problem will most likely be overlooked and I can go into a bad situation of having a hemorrhage in the future, which can be life threatening especially we will be moving and traveling. We are not going back to to Triangle, if a D&C is needed, we will have it done somewhere else.

The good news is that I have plenty of milk! Meeting Cindi Freeman was a very pleasant experience, she really made our day. She said the boys are very mature nursers (yes they can latch on now without help and no wonder I don’t have sore nipples), and their style is leisure dinning from a nice steady flow from my breast. She brought the scale and Lin weighs 10 lbs 7 oz, and Li was 10lbs 2.5 oz (with clean diaper). After a 45 minute nursing session, they got 4 oz of milk each! We were so excited, my best pumping record was 5oz from both breasts, I can’t believe how much they can extract from the breasts. There’s no major problem that needs to be fixed, we learned couple of things such as how to position them better, and how to nurse in public, etc. Also even though Li’s got some restriction with his tongue, it doesn’t seem to affect his nursing at all, so there’s no need to have his tongue tissue clipped. I am so proud of the boys!!! We will rent a professional scale tomorrow for 2 weeks to evaluate whether they will be gaining good weight now being on the breasts exclusively.

The greenish yellow poop is a concern, however, it’s not critical enough to call for any action, we suspect that it could be from cow milk, which babies are very sensitive to (from what I read, the protein/fat composition is too different from human milk), and the only cow milk product I am taking is the PaleoMeal protein powder, so I will stop taking it to see what happens, Lin’s poop has always been yellow, and they are eating the same food. We also talked about nutrition, and I hope Cindi will be able to get in touch with Dr. Gil, so many people will be able to benefit from seeing him. Even though it’s a bitter experience trying to get the milk supply up, and it can be all avoided if the OB did a decent job, we felt that we have accomplished so much despite the obstacles and learned a great deal on breastfeeding. Cindi said it’s great that I don’t restrict the time the boys are on the breasts, I hope that moms reading my blog will be encouraged as well to believe in themselves that they WILL have milk if they don’t give up!

P.S. Li’s stump finally fell off today.



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  1. Kim

    Cindi Freeman is awesome!!

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