The Routine

Day: 33

Yesterday was another day without supplement! I am excited about being able to breastfeed the boys exclusively, for 2 days anyway. Even though it was a real busy day, I spent most of the time on the couch feeding them. My body is getting used to have them on the breasts, no clock, no rules, we are letting them hang out as long as they want, on demand and at the same time (tandem feeding). The house is definitely a lot more quiet and less chaotic, which is lovely for everyone.

So the routine now is cluster feeding for the whole morning and evening, in turn, we get a good night sleep with only one feeding. Usually the bed time will be 10:30 to 11pm, then they go for 4~5 hours, waking up around 3~4am, after the feeding (usually lasts about 30 to 45 minutes) they go back to sleep and wake up between 6 and 7am, then Michael and I put them in the Ergo carriers and go for a walk, this is normally the calm before the storm, once we get back they would want to be on the breasts all the way till noon or 1pm. The afternoon is nice, the boys will sleep for couple of hours at a time, then the evening they demand milk again between 7 to 10pm. The other night, they were on the breasts for 3 hours, last night I took them off at 9:30pm, and Michael tried soothing them instead, finally they went to sleep around 10:30pm, and didn’t wake up until 3am. I was so glad that my nipples got a break 🙂 We are excited to meet Cindi Freeman this afternoon to address some issues such as the prolonged feeding time, Li’s greenish yellow poop and tongue tie, whether they are latching on properly (actually now they are getting so much better, they don’t really need assistance, instead they can find the nipple and latch on on their own).

The ultrasound, on the other hand, didn’t go too well yesterday, the goal was to rule out the possibility of retained placenta, but there was definitely something in the uterus. The office Audrey referred us to called us soon after we got home, and asked us to go back for a second measurement with a Doppler. So we went in again this morning, looks like there’s fluid and some sort of debris left in the uterus, we will know later in the day for sure what the debris is (possibly retained placenta or blood clots). Someone I recently met on line, who also had twins via C-section, ended up having a D&C done to remove the retained placenta, happened to go to Triangle, her surgeon was also Dr. V so I am glad that we went with an independent ultrasound to have an unbiased opinion. We are still hoping it’s nothing that requires another surgery, it will be the last thing we want to do and it will be very upsetting that the OBs were so sloppy (you would think they will clean up well when they can see the uterus!!!). But if that is the case with retained placenta, that for sure will explain why I am having difficulties producing milk.


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3 responses to “The Routine

  1. Michael

    The method I used last night to sooth the boys was to first change their diapers, wrap them, and then put them very close together on the tatami. I put one arm in a particle cradle position on one baby so that their head was cupped in my hand and forearm supported their back. I lifted one up so that he was in a reclined sitting position on our tatami. I did the same for the other so that I had each baby in my arms. I was sitting leaning forward. I could easily “shush” them at the same time which really helped calming them.

    As they became more sleepy, I would incline them more and more until I could set them all the way on their backs. After they were on their backs semi-asleep, I laid on my side next to one of the twins. On the arm that was facing up, I reached across and grasped the shoulder of the twin furthest away from me. The twin closest, I used the arm facing downward to grasp his shoulder. The twins seemed comforted by having my hands on their shoulders.

    I was so happy that I was able to sooth them myself because I sort-of feel helpless in this department since Cynthia’s breast do such a good job with this. Other attempts at soothing them like putting them on my chest skin 2 skin usually ends up with them crying because they want milk. So last night was a great accomplishment for me, I feel that I really contributed to helping!

  2. Kim

    Way to go Michael! I know my husband became the expert at soothing our son when he had colic. Daddy had the special touch.

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