No Retained Placenta!!!

Day: 34

Just received the good news – the radiologist thinks the debris is blood clots instead of a pieced of retained placenta, the size of it is less than 2cm so looks like I don’t have to go through another surgery. It should eventually come out, now we feel very relieved and it’s good that we don’t have to carry another burden.

The boys are used to hanging out at the breasts at all time now – they seem to enjoy drinking from the tap all the time, we gave them a sponge bath this morning, and soon they will both be able to enjoy a real bath now that both of their stump have fallen off. Today we received Li’s passport, Lin’s came two days ago, so we will be able to send the visa application to Nora’s mom tomorrow. It’s tough to get everything ready in such a short time frame, getting the certified birth certificates took about 2 week, another 2 weeks for the expedited service for their passports, then the visa will be another week and half, but I think we will make it.



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2 responses to “No Retained Placenta!!!

  1. Leslie Fox

    So glad to hear that you don’t have any retained placenta and don’t need any more surgeries. It sounds like you definitely have your hands full with the boys and getting things ready for the big move. So glad to hear the good news and that things went well with Cindi yesterday. I hope you’re loving the baby scale.

  2. Kim

    YAY!! I am glad it was nothing serious, but do keep an eye out to make sure those clots pass.

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