Things are getting better

Day 35

Not sure if it is because we are getting used to the routine or the babies are behaving better, it is a very pleasant day. During the morning I was still busy feeding them, but in the afternoon things quiet down quite a bit – I was able to soothe them by laying in bed while feeding one at a time. Lin and Li are expert now for sure when it comes to latching and suckling – they can find the nipple and latch on their own, even before I notice!

Li has been having greenish yellow poop, it was a bit concerning, but today his stool turn yellow we are really happy about that. Also we take off their onesies now during the feedings (which means pretty much all day:) since they were always soaked in sweat before, it really works and my body temperature must have regulated their temperatures. We learned to burp them more often, and Michael is sooo good at soothing them, it’s amazing, mom would hand him the crying baby, and within a minute he will be quiet, I don’t know how Michael does it, unless they are hungry.

I really start enjoying breastfeeding, the initial latch usually is painful for a few seconds, but then there’s no pain, even if they chew on the nipples! They are so cute, I noticed that they would have the same posture, either having their fists right by their ears, or stretching one arm, they must look at and mimic each other.

Not sure if this is normal, but both boys now have acne on their faces, I wonder if it bothers them as much as it bothers me, but we will see Dr. Young on Monday and we can ask her about it.



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4 responses to “Things are getting better

  1. Kim

    I am glad you can nurse while laying down. Nate never liked to do that and I didn’t find it that comfortable, but it surely would have been nice. Don’t let them continue that chewing habit. It won’t be so comfortable once they get teeth.

    *I think this comment posted somewhere else. Sorry*

    • They actually love laying down, although I have to adjust my body to a specific position for both of us to be comfortable. We often both fall asleep, it is helpful since only in the afternoon, I can do one-on-one and finally take a nap this way!

      *hehe, I actually replied there too!*

  2. Grant

    Aiden also had some acne in the first few months. I think it disappeared around 6 months. Good luck with everything. I know it’s cliche, but some cliches are true: relish every minute, it goes flying by.

  3. michele

    Over here they tell us that laying down offer the baby the most milk?! Who knows! Also, baby acne does go away … it is an adjustment to the detachment from your hormones to the balancing act of getting to know their own hormones. I used almond oil creme and it worked wonders.
    love michele

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