Tracking the milk supply and fussiness

Day: 36

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They boys are starting their 6th week, supposedly this week is the growth spurt as well, how exciting! Today Michael picked up a rented Medela baby scale so that we could precisely track the intake of the milk, our friends Leslie and Jason liked it and we were able to tell, for the first time whenever we need to, how much they were drinking. We were really surprised that they each took 4 oz on Tuesday in the afternoon 45-minute feeding during Cindi’s visit. However, most of the feedings this morning they took in only between 1.4 ~ 2.7 oz each time, considering these were 3 pretty frequent hour-long meals from 9:30 to 2pm, not too much break time in between. We were a little concerned, since that was not a lot…every time after an hour of eating, they would put their hands in their mouth right away!!! It’s also confusing because they’ve gained at least 4oz each since Tuesday, and they’ve been having pretty frequent wet and soiled diapers being exclusively on breast milk. We will be monitoring their weight and number of wet/soiled diapers for a while to see if this growth pattern will continue. Michael and I took an hour and had dinner at Red Lobster while Mom is watching them feeding them with the milk I expressed (glad that I have extra milk now :)), they each took 4oz! The time alone and just being outside was very much needed since I feel that sitting on the couch most of the day is probably very similar to having bed rest, which causes loss of bone density, so I try to move around between feedings especially I’ve been feeling weak while walking.

Today the boys are so fussy, we wondered if they formed a bad habit of always wanting the breast time, it was almost impossible to soothe them and they cried a lot and really loud, we tried everything we could possibly think of but it looks like offering them the breasts was the only thing that worked. I also noticed they have tears now, although Li’s left eye has some mucus built up, another interesting thing was that both of the boys can hold up their head pretty well when we burp them, Michael put them on their tummy and seems like they can kick their feet and move forward for a foot, pretty amazing.

So here is a video of both boys crying, since we were so tired of soothing them at one point we just let them cry out loud…apparently Li (on the left) doesn’t know how to soothe himself as well as his brother does! It is cute that they almost have their own way of communicating and being on the same pace, including the crying pattern.  Twice the fun? Think twice!!!



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6 responses to “Tracking the milk supply and fussiness

  1. Lynn

    Yep, that crying sounds familiar! Claire is better at getting her hands too, though still not consistently able to sooth herself that way. When they both cry like that and I’m the only one at home, that’s when I get overwhelmed!

  2. Kim

    You sound exactly like me! 6 weeks is the peak time for colic, so don’t take their cries personally. Even if they don’t exactly have Colic, they may cry more than usual for the next few weeks. Remember to try and keep their awake times short. They will be less fussy if they are rested!

    If you are nursing them very often, they will take less at each nursing, so don’t worry about the amount. Also, they are just like us, hungrier at some times than others.

    Self-soothing skills are for falling asleep first. Self-soothing while awake comes much later. They are really too young to make sleep associations right now. Around 3 months they will start to make connections between going to sleep and their environment. That is when you want to start having them try to fall asleep on their own (if you want them to do that).

    Keep up the good work and try not to stress yourself out over every detail.

  3. Laura Villegas

    Li may have a clogged tear duct:
    I know about two kids in my mom’s group that have this problem (Check with your pediatrician).
    You are doing wonderfully with them. They are gorgeous.

    • It does seem like a clogged tear duct 😦 Michael’s niece had it…hopefully it will go away on its own.

      • Kim

        I have heard of people expressing some milk into the baby’s eye if it gets clogged too bad. You can also gently massage it several times a day with your pinky finger to try and loosen whatever is in there.

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