Change of Routine, For the Better

Day: 37

Yesterday was really a tough day, the boys were fussy all the time, they barely slept during the day and spent most of their energy crying. I was really concerned because each time they would drink very little, around 2oz, I know they can drink a lot more than that! So I sent Cindi an email and wondering whether they are forming a habit of using the nipple as a pacifier, so they constantly want to be soothed that way. By 11:30pm, they were still both crying, so I ended up with another nursing session (after numerous times throughout the day), by 12:30am, they finally let us swaddle them without a struggle.

Michael and I were both exhausted, Mom too. Nora took Mom out for a fun-filled day so she can de-stress a bit (Nora is the best)! Good news was that they didn’t wake up until 4:50 in the morning, so it was over 5 hours between the two feedings, Li was so hungry that I could hear him anxiously swallowing down the milk. Lin took 4oz and Li took 4.8oz!!! I was thrilled…we then decided to try something different, instead of taking them for a walk in the community, we went to the farmer’s market. We want to carry them and walk around to kill some time so we can space out the feedings – probably because they love the fetal position in the infant insert, they were almost quiet in there all the time! They both cried (not terribly) in the car, but then we transferred them into the carriers, and they were fine. All the people we knew were thrilled to see us, and even strangers came up to us and wanted us to show them the babies! We had such a great time, and did the shopping in the meantime. Lin cried for about 5 minutes, chewing his hand (he must have been hungry), but then calmed down again. It was a great success, once we got home they were ready to eat, and it was about 2.5 hours since the last feeding, and they went to sleep, didn’t wake up until 3 hours later! I can’t believe how much we did in those 3 hours, we saw some friends, ate lunch, organized the garage and I packed some baby clothing…felt like we had our life back again 🙂

Cindi wrote me back and told me that the boys are gaining weight, more than average by over 1 oz per day, so she said I have plenty of milk, and gave me some great advice on the questions I had – it is so good to hear from a pro that reassures they are thriving. By looking at the milk intake the scale provided (this is the best thing we did, to rent a scale), I couldn’t believe how much they can extract from me, so I wrote down some details.

Lin: 4:50am (4oz, 60 min); 8:10am (3.6oz, 30min); 10:45am (3.9oz, 30min); 1:55pm (4.8oz, 30min); 4:30pm (3.3oz, 55min)

Li: 4:50am (4.8oz, 60 min); 8:10am (2.2oz, 30min); 10:45am (3.4oz, 30min); 1:55pm (5.5oz, 30min); 4:30pm (3.7oz, 55min)

At 3:30pm, Li woke up and was fussy so I thought he wanted food, I fed him (not Lin) for 10 minutes, and he only took 0.1oz, so it was apparent that he just wanted the nipple to soothe himself. Michael decided to take him out for a walk instead and he was fine at 4:30pm for the feeding. So in 12 hours, they drank 19.6oz each, I produced 39.2oz and it’s still going!!! Lin’s weight fluctuated between 10lbs 10.5oz and 11lbs 1.3oz, and Li’s was 10lbs 6.7oz and 10lbs 13.6oz, so using the low end of the number, in 37 days, Lin and Li each has gained at least 3.5lbs. The average growth should be 1/2~1oz per day, so 37 days translates to 2.3lbs, they apparently are way above average (Sorry, the financial analyst nature in me is coming out!).

I guess we are getting the hang of it so we went out for dinner and took the kids with us again. Turns out our first dinner out with the kids was quite peaceful – the boys were quiet the whole time in Best Buy and Greek Fiesta, so we actually had dinner without any fuss. It was such a wonderful day, raising kids is like riding a roller coaster, some days you feel desperate, some days you feel very accomplished (like today :), what’s really funny was I got an egg drop soup at China King, next to Greek Fiesta and the lady gave me one fortune cookie, so after dinner before I opened it, I told Michael it would be for the twins, guess what? There were two fortune in it, how strange!


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  1. Lynn

    Great news Cynthia! I’m glad to hear you guys are getting out with the babies. I know it feels like quite an accomplishment when I/we get out with them. It’s harder than it seems! And the milk supply sounds like it is going well, that’s really good.

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