Too much weight gain?

Day 38

This weekend has been wonderful, we took the boys out for a few times and they love it. Today we went grocery shopping at Whole Foods early in the morning, they were like magnet, people asked us about them all the time, at the store, we talked to a lady who’s pregnant about the Ergo, and another lady about the pregnancy, she was amazed how long we carried the boys, and told us about a product her client made using hormone to prolong pregnancy. We told her the diet was the key for us, such as cutting out sugar and eating only chicken and turkey instead of the four-legged animal meats to cut out the fat. I don’t think in the US, the majority of the people realize how alarmingly unhealthy our diet is (I know this is going to offend almost everyone!) but it is. And I myself, after living here for 8 and half years, have unconsciously formed some bad habits as well – often time I have cravings for fast foods. We will for sure miss Whole Foods though, all the organic options and wonderful staff, now they even have a community garden in the parking lot!

Dr. Gil changed my diet drastically, even though I thought I had a really good diet (and later I find out, almost everyone we talked to thinks they have a good diet), one of the most beneficial changes we found is to completely get off the dairy product, although this is very controversial, during pregnancy, the only dairy products I had were yogurt and cottage choose, and I ate ton of them. Now with the boys, I stopped taking the protein powder as well, and noticed the green poop went away. Then when I had a piece of cheesecake (heard it might stimulate the milk production) and the green poop showed up again. We believe the colic may have something to do with the milk based product. And apparently many babies are allergic to formula, for that matter, the cow milk is not designed for human! Unfortunately, with two boys, I can’t eat too much soy based products either because of the estrogen (I am glad David told me about this during pregnancy!) so we are taking rice milk, eating a variety of foods (such as green leafy veggies and grains) and taking Calcium supplement.

So the postpartum diet is not much different than that during the pregnancy, other than no dairy product, more oatmeal, herbal tea (mother’s milk and raspberry leaf), walnuts, chicken and more meals, and of course, water. I set aside a 1 gallon water jar so I know how much I need to drink everyday. And we are still buying every organic, it’s funny David has a nickname for the boys – organic babies 🙂

Back to the boys, they sure have great appetite like their mommy. We were really happy that Saturday they had 54.7oz of my milk (not a .1 ounce more, or less) and today they had 56.6oz in total. We will ask Dr. Young about if they are gaining too much weight – with a clean diaper, Lin was 11lbs and 1oz, Li was 10lbs 10.7oz last night, 3lbs 15oz/3lbs 11.7oz weight gain respectively since birth in 37 days.

I am really loving breastfeeding now, the boys are so good at it, and whenever it’s time, I just take out the nursing pillow, and Michael will weigh the babies, hand them to me and burp them 🙂 I don’t pump other than if there’s a situation that calls for some expressed milk, since the supply is just right. Its great that we were able to achieve our goal, much sooner than we expected.


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  1. Kim

    Almonds have a lot of calcium…have you tried/thought of Almond Milk? I wonder what that is like?

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