Lin and Li’s First Bath

Day 39

Lin and Li went to see Dr. Young today, Lin weighs (without diaper) 11lbs and 1oz, Li weighs 10lbs and 10.5oz, both of their weight fall into 75% percentile. We asked Dr. Young about Li’s blocked tear duct, she said it usually will go away before age of 1. Other than she heard a very fainted heart murmur in Li, everything checked out great. Heart murmur is very common in infants and we just need to keep an eye on it, there’s nothing to be concerned about for now. They also have some heat rash (we weren’t sure if it is acne) from sweating but it’s not a concern at all, we will just have to keep their skin dry and cool, although we don’t put onesies on them anyway. We also learned that the vitamin supplements are not necessary, for Vitamin D, as long as I am taking D3 supplement between 2000~5000iu daily they will get enough from the breast milk.

Before we headed out, we gave them their first bath, we waited for quite a while just to make sure that their belly buttons are completely healed.  The bath went really well (at least that’s how we felt:), to clean up their neck was difficult at first but Michael quickly figured out how to do it with Li.

In the afternoon, Bonny and Kathy came over for a visit, Bonny was our instructor from the breastfeeding class at WakeMed Cary, Kathy teaches the childbirth class for multiples. We have learned a great deal from them and after the classes, they have been so supportive as well. They were so good holding the boys, especially the boys are more fussy than usual this week, but seemed like Lin and Li happily slept in their arms for most of the 3-hr visit.

We then took the babies out for dinner at S-Mart, again the babies did great and I can’t believe we peacefully had dinner again!


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