Murano For Sale

Day 40

Today I received the ultrasound results Audrey forwarded to us, it didn’t really give me a piece of mind since it indicated that even though the solid debris looked like blood clots, the potential retained placenta is “certainly not excluded, follow-up urged”, in other words, the 2cm*2cm may be the blood clots but it’s still possible it’s a piece of retained placenta. However, whatever is in my uterus that caused whatever problems is not too big, so either it will be absorbed by my body or expelled. I am very glad though, I have overcome the milk supply problem. Due to the limited time we have before moving to Shanghai, we are not going to have a follow-up. I still have minor bleeding and hopefully it will go away completely soon.

The good news is that the blocked tear duct problem in Li’s left eye is not a problem any more. So whatever he did, maybe the crying, cleared the duct. The boys are very fussy this week, and I am amazed at how good Michael is. I feel very spoiled that I have mom and Michael here ever since the birth. I don’t know how I can survive without them, it just seems so hard to soothe the babies at one time, the fact that we co-sleep with them and hold them a lot might have made it more difficult for them to learn to soothe themselves, but we really try not to let them cry too much without getting attention from us. They sort of take turns, and occasionally both of them scream in the same time, but when they do, it’s very frustrating. Breastfeeding has been going really well though, they’ve been drinking close to 60oz combined daily in the past week, and they are getting even better at latching on. I love looking at them when they are enjoying their meals, just really adorable (left: Li; right: Lin. although pictures were taken after the feeding), when they cry they are much less attractive :(.

The big move is just ahead, I can’t believe we only have one week left before we have to pack up and go. It seems like we still have a house full of stuff no matter how hard we try to give or throw away our stuff. Well, my Nissan Murano is for sale, a great car with a great deal – lower than the Kelly Blue Book value, 2007, by the time we leave, it will be close to 44K miles, CVS (gearless) engine with a 10 year warranty, 5 year power train warranty, both transferable, leather, towing package, Bose sound system, many upgrades. If no one wants it, Carmax will have it next week (let me know if anyone is interested).


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