Day 46

The past week has flown by, coupled with our ambitious move to China, colic was not something that came along at the right time. It sure adds to the stress we are already experiencing. So Michael and I keep telling each other to focus on the tasks rather than our feelings.

Lin started fussing a while back, no matter how we soothed him, he would not stop crying, he arches his back, his stomach feels really hard, and he screams. Li, just like he always did, followed his brother’s footstep, started fussing a few days later. However, he never spits up like Lin does. Last night, Li slept through the night from 11pm to 6am, his brother was up since 3:30am and he’s still crying.

The Reohrs were in town and helped us clean up the house quite a bit yesterday, we all felt so accomplished at the end of the day. I love spending time with their kids, Tyler, Stella and Chole all have grown up so much, I can’t believe the babies I used to hold in my arms are talking like adults already! They watched the kids while we went to Dr. Gil, it was our last visit and it was a great visit. We learned a lot about baby care (homoeopathic treatment for common infant problems), and we stocked up our vitamin supply, and learned to treat colic with rubbing their belly with castor oil, also using probiotic. So once we got home, we gave them the probiotic, both of them were quiet or asleep from 4pm all the way to bedtime, we couldn’t believe how well it worked! The precious few hours we had were very much needed to clean up the house.

We have been giving gripe water to the babies, it did help some but not nearly effective as the probiotic, the biggest concern we had was how they would do on the plane, 5+ hours from Raleigh to LA, take a break for a few days to visit Mom’s friend and get adjusted, then take the direct flight from LA to Shanghai – 14.5 hours. Maybe we should buy some ear plugs just in case we get any complaint. Now we feel much more confident knowing probiotic will help.

Getting rid of a house full of stuff is hard but we are determined not to store or keep our stuff other than important documents , we got rid of almost everything, and we felt much more satisfied seeing our friends using our stuff than selling them on craigslist. And we get to see them before we go!



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3 responses to “Colic

  1. Kim

    When do you leave for LA?

  2. Leaving the evening of Aug 22nd, Sunday.

  3. michele

    One position I have heard about that calms a colicy baby is to hold it lying its stomach on your arm, along the tibia and fibula. You can then lift your arm to hold it more upright until you find the best position for the baby. Its head sort of hangs off the palm of your hand.

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