A D& C After All

It’s the final count down. The other night Michael and I went to visit Elissa, who adopted Bonnie. While we were there, I told her that I am still bleeding a bit at 7 weeks. She was very concerned about it, so she called up her doctor and set up an appointment for the following day. Michael and I went and see Dr. Littleton at Center OBGYN, which is right next to Rex Birthing Center.

We liked Dr. Littleton, he explained many possible reasons for not having milk, and he did an ultrasound in the office, looked like the debris in my uterus is still there, even though it’s half the size of what it was 3 weeks ago, it’s not supposed to be there. He thinks a D&C is necessary to take out whatever is in there. It will be the best to do so before flying to China on Sunday, since flying sometimes can trigger bleeding (that will be a bad situation). So we were able to set up an outpatient surgery for today at Rex. Dr. Gil was concerned about it as well when we visited him earlier this week, and he suggested the D&C, which was surprising to us, since he’s not a big fan of even using medication. When he called last night, I told him about the surgery and he was relieved.

We were pretty fortunate that Elissa was able to get us the appointment and  have the surgery done! It’s amazing that she can pull it off like that since one of the reasons we waited was because there’s no way we could find another doctor and get it done. So I started pumping extra milk from yesterday, and by now (7:30am) I have 8oz more to go – since after the surgery, I have to express and discard the milk for 24 hours, otherwise babies will get the anaesthesia. Glad that I had some reserve built up. I actually feel good about the surgery, this way we can leave without worries and take the risk of further complications.



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4 responses to “A D& C After All

  1. Kim

    I will be praying for you. I am glad you are able to get it taken care of before you go!

  2. Lynn

    Cynthia, i hope the D&C went well. I had one after delivery in the hospital, and it helped clear up a lot of my post-partum bleeding. The anesthesia is a must – not something you want to be feeling!

  3. Leslie Fox

    I’m so glad to hear that that’s over for you. I’m sorry that you had such a long road to solving that problem. Best wishes for a smooth move to China!

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