A Piece of Retained Placenta

Elissa’s daughter Ruth and my friend Welkin were so kind to come over today to help Mom watch the babies all day while Michael and I went to Rex for the hysteroscopy and D&C to open up the cervix, check and take out the debris in the uterus. I had a crazy morning, waking up at 4:30am, fed the babies, then started organising my paperwork, cleaned the house (it’s really a mess), fed the babies again, took the shower and headed over to Rex.

We really liked everyone we met today, they were all shocked to learn that we would be on a plane to China in a few days but we felt so lucky that Elissa was able to talk to Dr. Littleton and got me the appointment and surgery a such a short notice!  While I was given the IV, I pumped and put away the milk for the babies, after the surgery I still needed to pump but the milk was no good for the babies. Unlike my birth experience,  I was given lot of warm blankets and it was so comfy.

Dr. Littleton was very kind and before I knew, I was out! When I woke up I felt just fine, since we told the anaesthesiologist to use minimal amount of sedative. I did not have any dizziness or discomfort, there was just some bleeding. By that time, Michael had already talked to Dr. Littleton. By looking at it, Dr. Littleton said it  was a piece of retained placenta! I guess this solves the mystery of low milk supply!!!

We just got the bill for the use of donor’s milk before I started exclusively feeding the boys on August 2nd, it was $1234.80, now the worst part was really the stress during the first weeks and we really struggled to produce milk – we did everything we could and I am so glad we overcame the milk supply issue despite of the retained placenta problem. I also feel a bit angry, since with the C-section it is rare to leave something in the uterus, however, the fact that a friend who had twins via C-section by Dr. V and Dr. Grana also had a D&C to remove the retained placenta just tells that they are sloppy , of course I found that out after the delivery. What hurt me the most, however, was that they did not respect our wishes and opinions, and totally weren’t listening to us. Retained placenta can be life threatening but apparently that wasn’t their concern, neither would they bother with the fact that the blood clots can travel to my brain on a long flight.

Right after the surgery, I pumped and was shocked to see all of a sudden my milk was pouring, I couldn’t believe it!!! Now I have enough to feed the whole family 🙂

Elissa came over to visit us in the evening and showed us a lot of cool things about babies, the video below was so cute! Dr. Gil also called and he said he was relieved to hear that I had the surgery done, I knew when he advised to have a D&C, it was necessary, just didn’t think I could schedule it so quickly. I felt so fortunate that our friends are so nice…and for the first time, we were away from the babies for so long, and I missed them so much…



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3 responses to “A Piece of Retained Placenta

  1. Kim

    Oh! I am so glad you got this taken care of. I wish you could have the doctor pay for the donor milk. I really hope you take the time to lodge a complaint at the very least.

    Have a wonderful time in LA and a safe trip to China!

  2. Michele

    Oh Cynthia! I am glad this came to realization before your flight, amazing that you could get the surgery done. You may still want to wear stockings on the flight to prevent any thrombosis. One of my sisters had a C-section and the doctor actually tied a part of her bladder to her uterus!! Can you imagine!! So, after a year or so of pain she actually had to have an additional surgery. I just don’t understand how these doctors are allowed to practice! I agree with Kim and think you should complain. Maybe there is a blog for reviews on the internet of this doctor’s practice?

  3. Kim

    This looks like a pretty serious step, so I would really look into it first, but…


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