The Big Move

The big move is not the move to China, it was the move out of our apartment. Imagine if you were given two hours to pack up your bags and go, and you have to leave everything else behind, well that’s how I felt – with twins, going to the bathroom sometimes becomes a challenge! Michael’s parents were sick so they couldn’t make the trip during the weekend so we got a storage unit (thankfully it was across the street) and Elissa’s husband Herb offered help with a trailer to haul stuff over there. We were able to call for last minute help from Joe, Herb and Junjie to pack and move. It was the most overwhelming packing experience, I didn’t think I could finish packing (my stuff only) Friday so I called Nora, she came over and helped with the packing and watching the babies so I had some time to think through what I want to get rid of, considering we’ve got rid of tons of stuff already, but looking at a house full of stuff sure can be intimidating.

Our plan is to run some errands during the day Friday, then pack all the bags and check into a hotel, then Saturday Michael can clean up the apartment. So we took care of almost all the business during the day, including visiting Cookout for the last time (see pictures, Dr. Gil will be really upset if he knows I eat all this junk food, but hey Michael got sweet tea!), I have to get the corn dog, onion rings, chicken nuggets!

We decided not to ship anything over to China but to just bring the luggage with us. We booked the flight separately since we are going to meet up with Mom’s friend and his family in LA and stay there for couple of days before we head over to Shanghai. Since we need to pay for every bag we check in, we can pack 6 bags about $35 each, without going to the next $125 per bag (isn’t it crazy that the baggage fee can be more expensive than the flight, and I wonder why all the airlines enjoy their new revenue stream by charging fees on every little thing, now that somehow charging for check-in luggage becomes the norm).

It was till past midnight when we finally packed all the bags, and managed to fit most of the luggage into our car and Nora’s. And we finally checked in around 1:30am at Staybridge Suites near the airport (and near Nora’s), I booked at Staybridge since the suites are set up like apartments, Mom has her separate bedroom and bathroom so she doesn’t wake up because of the babies. The following morning, Nora and Michael met at the apartment at 7am to clean up, the guys came over a bit later and everyone worked so hard, I feel bad that Preston hurt his hand 😦 Herb actually helped Michael past midnight and finally everything was taken care of – I just don’t know how they did it in a day! Afte the Saturday class, Nora came over to the hotel (with more luggage) and we went food shopping at Earthfare and C&T, babies did great with Mom without crying too much so we were able to get a lot done. I looked at the bags in the room – there were 7 huge bags and 6 pieces of carry-ons. And I decided not to take my clothes at all, instead leaving them in the storage so we don’t have to pay the ridiculous fee to Delta. Sunday morning, Nora and Welkin joined us again, they bathed the twins, and we talked for a while, it was great to see them again but everyone felt sad when it was time to say goodbye. I was happy Welkin bought the compression stockings for the flight. We still ended up paying $90 overweight charge for one of the luggage (15lbs over) but we should be able to switch bags to make it work since one of them was about 15lbs under.

Glad the big move is over, we appreciate the help from everyone so much, now all we need to worry about is to take 6 (huge) luggage, 6 carry-on and 2 babies to China!


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