We are in Shanghai!!!

I am sitting in front of my computer and happy that we settled in so quickly – the boys are in their la la land, after a much needed bath. Michael and I are satisfying our thirst or withdrawal of surfing online (in the middle of the night) due to our long distance travel. One great advantage of having newborn – you don’t have jetlag, since you don’t sleep much anyway. I am amazed at how much we can buy online these days in China, Joyo, which was bought out by Amazon a while back, now has so much more to offer, and Michael loved the fact that newegg.com is in China as well. Not only the prices are at least comparable (other than imported electronics), but it seems there are a lot more options of everything you want to buy.

We started our day with feeding the babies (of course!), then we took the boys out for a walk to get some breakfast we craved, from the street vendors. We had our Jianbing (pan-fried Chinese pancake), and soy milk. Weather was still cool from the storm last night so it was nice. Then we went for a $10, one-hour foot massage (without the boys), it was heavenly especially our feet and back are hurting from a lot of walking, standing and lifting (for Michael mostly). Mom made duck soup and a variety of veggies for lunch, they were so good! In the afternoon, Michael checked out the gym equipment and we were told that the complex is adding more equipment next year, a squash ball court. We then interviewed a lady as the housekeeper (just cleaning and cooking). Although the price has gone up a lot, to $300 a month, a housekeeper who works 8 hours a day and 6 days a week is still a steal.

A very busy day indeed, and we will post another blog about our travel shortly!


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  1. Kim

    YAY! Glad ya’ll made it. Cool looking playroom. The boys will love it in about a year 🙂

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