Lin and Li are 2 months old

Lin and Li are 2 months old and they’ve done so much already! Michael and I take them out for a walk early in the morning everyday and they are usually pretty alert during the morning, afternoon is easier, and they are awesome at night, now sleeping between 5.5 and 6.5 hours. It seems like they have their routine now and thankfully they are almost always on the same schedule. My milk supply seems to be increasing still, usually I wake up from the soreness in the breasts before they wake, and Cindi suggested to pump to comfort instead of draining them, so my body gets used to not producing too much milk yet it doesn’t cause any problem.

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They are both around 13lbs, still gaining above average, they still nurse for about 45 minutes at a time, and about 7~8 times every 24 hours. Lin still loves to be held when he’s awake, and Li is a bit easier to soothe. Although Lin can hold himself up pretty well while Li is a little bit behind. They both respond much better now, sometimes smile back at us, they are so cute when they laugh and stretch (we call it weight lifting) after their meal. We put them on their tummy more often now since that seems to put them to sleep a lot quicker than on their back.

I firmly believe they can observe each other and they know each other, sometimes Li gets really jealous if you pick up Lin, who wants to be held all the time, they now both have their sad face, which is pretty cute, I will have to get a picture of it. While we were in LA, we placed them on their tummy, head to head with a distance, before we knew, they somehow moved towards each other and finally they were face to face.

On Sept 2nd, we took them to a studio across the street for a photo shoot, the studio is called “baby face”, who specializes in photographing infants under 1 year of age. Our session started around 11am, right after I fed both of them, Lin was really alert and had his pictures taken, Li was a bit upset when we woke him up, and cried a lot which was unusual. That’s when we noticed Lin could hold himself up much better, it’s hard to take pictures of infants that are so young but at least we were happy with the family pictures, it’s just they were not in a mood to smile, so we will see how it goes…Next time we will make sure they are well fed and had plenty of sleep. We ended up nursing them during the session and it lasted almost 3 hours, when they got home, they just slept and slept, we had to wake them up for feeding in the evening, must have tired them out completely!

Dad and his sister come over everyday to watch the kids, since babies love to be held, especially Lin, we are lucky to have the help, we are thinking just hiring help from my aunt, since she’s really good with the babies and she’s someone we can trust Lin and Li with, someone we can be a lot more flexible with. Dad does all the shopping and he’s really good with organizing and cleaning as well. I am glad my relationship with him has improved because of the babies, so does Mom. Mom gets to rest a lot more now we are home, which is great, after all she’s 62 and sometimes I forget they are not like us being at that age. Both Lin and Li are much better with their routine now, they are much more content and interactive, it’s the cutest when they just get off the breasts and are in a play mood, and they make all kinds of noise and smile, they are definitely a lot of fun!



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2 responses to “Lin and Li are 2 months old

  1. Kim

    Happy 2 months Li and Lin!

  2. Laura Villegas

    2 months already!!! They grow way fast. Be sure to share the professional pic with us so we can see how big and cute they are getting?
    And glad to hear that you guys are settling ok.

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