Search for the Organic Foods

We have been letting our taste buds go wild since we arrived in Shanghai. And there’s a good reason for it – the food is so good here! Chinese really know how to cook vegetables, and it’s fairly easy to do it here if you want to be a vegetarian. Seasonal vegetables, most of which can’t be found in the US, are available almost everywhere. Supermarket, believe it or not, is a new place for people to shop for veggies. Most Shanghainese still shop from the wet market, where the farmers bring in fresh produce on a daily basis, and we’ve noticed that vendors are selling them usually by the front gate of the communities. I remember in the old days, farmers will travel through the alleys and we just went downstairs and bought stuff from them right by our doors.

China is heading toward the GMO route, which is very disappointing. I didn’t know Monsanto has been indirectly selling GMO products like soy bean oil (most popular cooking oil used by Chinese family) and Chinese are developing GMO rice which will be available in less than 5 years. I wish China would follow EU, enforcing laws on GMO labeling instead of following the US and manipulating foods for profit. The alarming health risks of consuming GMO haven’t been carefully tested and identified, yet FDA has released its seal, how can they! Only a tiny percentage of the consumer will have an immediate reaction/allergy to GMO and the problem may take decades to surface. The fact that we are messing with the nature and using food, which ALL human race depend on, as a means of making money, is really sad.

Since we can’t tell whether any type of foods has been genetically modified here, (thankfully, the “technologies” on making GMO are as advanced as they are in the US), we searched for local organic farms. At certain high-end grocers, such as City Mart, 1 kg of bok choy can go up to $15 (about $7 per lbs), that is just ridiculous, I’ve grown them, they are very easy to grow and they grow fast. The place we found is called Shanghai Organics, it is located about an hour outside of downtown Shanghai but still within the city limit, the reason we decided to give it a try is because they welcome consumers to take a tour to their base where they grow these produce. It is the only way to make sure that the quality is what they claim to be. I also like their direct delivery, you can order online, over the phone or via email, as long as it’s 24 hr ahead, and the order is at least 85RMB (about $12), they will deliver the produce right to your door.

A well-balanced diet during breastfeeding months is even more important than that during pregnancy, Michele told me. The boys are definitely growing fast, now we cannot really tighten the belt for the Ergo infant insert any more, and the inserts are designed to be used up to 4 or 5 months!  The boys can go longer between feedings too, the other night, they lasted for more than 7 hours. Last night was very tough though, we forgot to give them the probiotic during the day, so they were fussing from 5pm till early this morning, both of them screamed probably from the pain. Dr. Gil was right again, they boys have been really good ever since we arrived here, and now we know why, they were on probiotic every day until yesterday so we won’t skip another dose again. We probably have about 3 weeks left before they get past the colic stage.


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