100 days

2010-10-10, a very special day for Lin and Li – they turned 100 days! It was pretty difficult to get a table in Shanghai since it’s such a hot date for wedding reception. Violet brought back some baby clothing for them, they are for 6~12 months olds but the boys fit in them just fine. We are going to be very very busy lately, Sunday we had two banquets, with my high school friends for lunch and with my cousins for dinner. Lin and Li got many Hongbao (red bags, money gifts Chinese give at special occasions), and it was a lot of money they got! We took them in the carriers and I actually breastfed them at the restaurant, we were happy to get a private room with a sitting area and our own bathroom, so it was very convenient. Food was fantastic and it was great to see my relatives, especially my cousin’s kids, they are so grown already!

The boys are getting really good at extracting milk now that I only feed them 5 times a day now, and two weeks ago I was still feeding them 7 times a day, but now apparently they can get 6 to 7 ounces each feeding and my body seems to be handling it just fine, at night I still get up and pump to get extra milk to store, sometimes I was too lazy to get up and Michael helps out – he loves it and I do too! I am enjoying feeding them more than ever, since they are a lot more efficient they can get the job done in 15 minutes now. I am of course, busy eating all day long, we got a soy machine since we arrived in Shanghai, so we make our own soy drinks, usually a mix of black beans, corn, soy, buckwheat and other organic grains, and still have a routine of green veggies, corn, and chicken soup everyday. My cousin is expecting their baby in a month and half, so I get to help out with my breastfeeding knowledge as well, since that’s what they want to do as well. Breast milk helps adults just as it does to infants, as long as I have plenty for the boys 🙂 Lin and Li both can hold up their heads and even push themselves up using their arms, soon they will be able to turn on their side, since they have been sleeping on their tummy for over a month now, they seem to be pretty strong using their feet to move around already, which means we need to keep closer watch on them soon. Everyone says they are big and strong and cute!

We will be moving to our own apartment this coming Tuesday, and we’ve had a lot of guests recently and are expecting more this coming week. JT sent over some real cool pictures and Scott did too, Nora and Joe will be arriving in Shanghai tomorrow night, and leaving the night of the 14th, then Joe is coming on the 15th and leaving on the 17th, JT will stop by before he heads back to the States. There’s going to be a lot of sightseeing, eating out and Starcraft II.

P.S. JT took the Shanghai pictures, lovely!

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