Pictures from 100 Days Celebration

Just weighed both Lin and Li this morning (Oct 12 Shanghai time) with a clean diaper, they are 8 kilograms each, about 17.6lbs. I looked it up on the WHO newly release weight for age chart, they are at 97%!!!

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4 responses to “Pictures from 100 Days Celebration

  1. Laura Villegas

    Wow, there are big babies.
    Daniel normally was in the 90%. Dr. told me that the first year of life is hunger and after that is genetics :-).
    I been meaning to ask you if you been using cloth diapers and if so how do you like them?

    • Hi Laura,

      We’ve tried different cloth diapers and none of them worked that well. I know that using disposable diapers will make it more difficult for potty training (in China from what we learned most babies are potty trained by 18 months), but they pee and poo so much every time we used the cloth diaper, we pretty much had to change their outfit.

      • Laura Villegas

        Wow, 18 month seems so early (are they potty train even at night?). In Spain is around 2, and in the States is much later. I don’t think it matter the type of diaper you use,I believe it’s the dedication you put in the training and how ready the kid is.

  2. Nora

    You all look great!! 🙂

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