Lin & Li got their first cold

I finally got a cold from the move and the changing temperature, it’s been at least 2 years since my last sickness but thankfully it’s minor but unfortunately the boys and Michael all caught it from me. This morning I remember that we still have plenty of probiotic but we forgot to use them…we are all recovering from it right now. The boys still have a little bit cough after one week of having runny nose, we didn’t get them anything and we’ve tried keeping them warm and well cleaned up so that we can beat the cold with their own immunity since there’s never a rise in their temperature, the cough could be concerning but it’s very minor for now.

They are approaching 4 months in just 3 days and they are talking so much as well. Li loves to make a high pitched squeal to get attention from us. Now they eat less frequently and their wake time has increased to about 2.5~3 hours, so during that time they burp, spit up, play and want to be held upright, then they fuss for a while just before going to sleep. So it does require a lot of time holding them and just being with them, thankfully the babies are still on the same page most of the time, although they start to get jealous if one seeing the other being held. They woke up in the middle of the night, because their noses were stuffed but in the past few days they went back to their normal 11pm to 6am sleep pattern 🙂

Lin loves to blow his lips to get attention and Li loves to scream it’s so funny when they do that. I also think they recognize me and my aunt now, they smile when we play with them. They’ve got a lot of strength as well, I can pull them up with my two index fingers because they hang on to it. They are wearing 9~12 month clothing as well, they are 17lbs and half now, growing like weeds!!!

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  1. Michele

    They are just adorable!! You are doing a great job Cynthia. They are about Dominic’s size at four months but I was just feeding one mouth!! I can’t imagine the extra calories you need to feed both of them!!

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