A Little Bit Greener

Michael and I went to IKEA one day and bought a lot of plants for the house, we needed some green and they will help purify the air we thought. IKEA is so awesome no wonder they are so popular in cities around the world. We also get our Swedish meatballs (or other dishes) deserts and free (excellent) coffee there. Even though we love being there, sometimes it’s overwhelming with ton of people. If you have never been to China, you won’t understand what it is like here, you can sell anything, and people wait on line to buy anything, expensive or not. You really have to make reservation for a lot of things, dinner or massage.

Anyway, we were really happy to get all of our plants for just under 1000 RMB (around $130) for all the plants with lovely pots. They look wonderful in each room and we got a conversion van that specializes in delivery large items, the ride to home is 28 RMB, about $4, have to love China for that!!!

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  1. Laura Villegas

    Ikea is one of the stores I miss the most from MD. love the pic of the house/babies.

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