Early Education

From the moment we knew we would have kids, I pictured that in the not-so-distant future that Michael will be playing video games with the boys on each side. Well early education starts right around now, with the help of the new and newer gadgets, here is a picture of Li trying out the new game Michael put on the tablet PC, he touches the screen and the bubbles pop up, isn’t that cute or what?

The boys love to laugh and now occupy so much more time before they take naps during the day. I guess with twins the hard part is if they are not on the same schedule then it’s very exhausting. Thankfully they don’t just cry when the other is crying, it is rare that happens, but it does. I think the cutest moment for me is when I smile at them during feeding, they would stop and stare at me then smile back with such an innocent, priceless smile, sometimes they do that in the same time. I wonder how close the relationship will be in the future between the boys and us, but it is so rewarding just to see them smile, I can’t describe the feelings but it makes you want to do anything for them.

Now we have the boys to ourselves Sunday to Wednesday, Thursday to Saturday my aunt comes over and she’s wonderful with the kids and Michael and I can go out, run errands, watch a movie or grab a dinner. Being with the kids 24/7 honestly is exhausting, as much as I love them dearly, and a break once in a while is necessary. During the precious hours of their nap time (note when they are both asleep), Michael studies and spends limited time on his other life partner, a.k.a computer, and I cook, do the laundry, or take a shower or finish up whatever that’s not done around the house. They sleep now from the last feeding (around 8~9pm) to 6am, so the only time I have to write a blog is late at night, sometimes we watch a movie which is nice. By the way, we got a new 42-inch TV that’s so thin it’s amazing, and the price is under 1000 dollars, compared with triple the price a few years back, it’s crazy. It’s quite worth it since we really enjoy watching a movie at home with it.



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2 responses to “Early Education

  1. Michael

    The boys seemed to like the bubbles … so we will stick with that until they have more control. There are many great apps for kids on the Android platform (like zebra paint). I can’t wait to explore these wonderful programs with the kids!!!!

  2. Laura Villegas

    Mike you are going to looove playing with the boys when they get a little older. there are millions of games for babies /toddlers out there. (including their own laptops etc). Daniel is getting one this Xmas :-).
    The boys look great Cynthia and you are doing a fantastic job. Wish we could meet them in person :-(.

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