At 4 and Half Months

Pictures: Lin loves sucking on his thumb and index finger since we don’t give them pacifier;

Super Daddy Michael is able to hold and soothe two babies at a time!!!

Boys love to be at the dinner table, can’t wait to see them sit in high chairs;

Lin holding onto his teether, drooling is a sign of teething and they drool a lot;

Li with the toy sea-horse aunt Nora gave them, when they were born, their heads were smaller than the sea-horse’;

Li in the rocker.

The boys are 4 and half months now and we definitely noticed some differences in their routine. Just when we thought they had a nice schedule going, things started changing. The day time naps shortened from 1.5 hours to half now, so when the clock hits 8:30am they both go to sleep however instead of waking around 10~10:30am, they wake up around 9~9:30pm. However, they still wake up exactly at 6am every morning, regardless when they go to bed at night as long as the last feeding takes place after 8:30pm. Lin was really fussy the other night, he just would not go to sleep after the last feeding around 8pm, we had to take him out for a walk so that he couldn’t wake up Li, and boy we found a whole new world out there. There were a lot of street vendors who come out on street corners at night, around 9:30p to 2a, usually they have BBQ sticks with lamp, green pepper, whole fish, chicken, squid, mushroom, etc. It was really delicious and cheap (between 2~5 RMB each, about 30~90 cents depending on what you order), what’s really funny is that one guy even occupied the bus stop since there are benches and it’s well lit up with the advertisement, they sure converted a public station into a cool-looking temporary private restaurant. Anyway, Lin finally fell asleep while we were waiting for our lamb sticks.

Li rolled over on his own on Nov 7th, the next day my dad set up the guard rail around the king size bed, he made it himself it was pretty sweet. Lin hasn’t rolled over yet but I am glad that Michael saw Li doing it, I missed it because I was in the kitchen and then I heard Michael screaming 🙂 it was so exciting! Being parents is so exhausting and fun, because they develop so quickly every day they change their behaviors so it’s a continuing learning experience. At four months they are both able to roll on their side, hold up their heads and they definitely know us (since Li cried when my dad came over, apparently Li didn’t recognize him), they love my aunt, she spends a lot of time with them while she’s here. We are thinking about getting a sling since it gets pretty tiring holding them. These two babies are spoiled in a way that someone is always there for them when they are awake. Michael is quite good at entertaining them as well, holding them and walking them, so I am able to continue to cook a varieties of foods, including home-made organic soy milk. Diet is still quite important since I am breastfeeding the boys. There are plenty of organic stores here but with fruits so far I only found organic pears since the they don’t certify fruits here yet. My cousins came over on Saturday we had such a great time, one had a 6-year-old who I have never met, the other one has a 12-year-old who hit it off with Michael since he’s a gamer as well 🙂 It’s so nice to be able to reconnect with my cousins. They thought Lin and Li are big for their age, and were impressed with the size of their thighs (they are not fat but they are very solid), their faces change, even though I see them almost 24/7, I noticed their faces change (for the cuter of course:)). They get really excited when we talk, sing to them, and they have those smiles that just melt my heart. Michael and I try to go out for a dinner or a movie at least once a week when my aunt is here, to have to time for ourselves and to have a break from repeating the routine everyday. Friday night we watched the 3D “Legend of the Guardians”, pretty cool!

I have to say, raising kids is no easy task, considering they are really good boys, they sleep though the night, have a very predictable routine, but sometimes they have different paces, it can be very intimidating and exhausting. Different from a month ago, now if one cries, the other one cries as well, and they are LOUD, it gets tough when we have to deal with two crying babies, especially when there’s only one of us around! They start to drool a lot, which causes rashes on their chin, the best thing we found is to keep their chin and mouth dry as much as we can and I use the Motherlove diaper & thrush cream on it, it works wonders. We also talked to Dr. Gil last week, the phone consultation works great, I am glad we are still able to get his valuable opinions across the planet!


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3 responses to “At 4 and Half Months

  1. Kim

    This first year is full of changes. Every time you feel like you have them figured out, they change. This is quite normal, but can be very frustrating. Being a mom is wonderful and challenging!

    They may be craving an early bedtime now, so watch for signs of being tired in the early evening. You are a wonderful mother and I am glad to hear the boys are doing so well.

    • Hi Kim, you must have RSSed my blog, so quick every single time! Thanks for the encouragement, you should be proud of me breastfeeding them still and we plan on doing that till they are at least 2 🙂

      At times we feel that it’s hard but we try to make time for ourselves…I know it never gets easier but we get to be their parents for the rest of our lives, that’s so cool!!!

      • Kim

        Nah, I just check it often. I love reading your blog! I am glad to hear nursing is going so well. I knew it would get easier for you.

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